5 reasons to visit Argentina

Iguazu Falls Nouhailler/Flickr

Iguazu Falls ©Nouhailler/Flickr

A colorful country, rich in cultural heritage and breathtaking landscapes…this characterizes perhaps Argentina the best. This immense country has a large variety of visitor attractions, ranging from cities to ski resorts and mountains, from breathtaking and unique national parks to gigantic waterfalls, from excellent wine regions to astonishing wildlife reserves. There are innumerable unique sights in Argentina which are worth visiting and make this country a top destination in South America. If you need more reasons to choose this country as your next holiday destination, read this guide. Below I will give you 5 reasons to visit Argentina.

Buenos Aires

The fascinating capital city of Argentina, Buenos Aires is a premier tourist destination of South America. It attracts innumerable tourists each year due to the abundance of the unique cultural life and landmarks of the city. Buenos Aires is also famous for its colorful districts named barrios, historic buildings, parks, dance halls, theatres and other attractions. It is a seductive, energetic and vibrant port city which makes Argentina a must-visit destination.

The Argentine Wine

By volume, Argentina is the world’s fifth largest wine producing country. From the northern Salta’s Cabernet Sauvignons and fantastic Torrontes to the central Malbec, Argentina is a top wine destination. There are many wineries in the country that offer fantastic wine tours and tastings. The Argentine Wine is undoubtedly one of the top 5 reasons to visit the country.

The Argentine Tango

The Argentine Tango is another great reason to visit the country. There are innumerable Tango dance studios and performances in Argentina. If you love to dance or you would like to watch Tango dancers on Argentina’s streets, you must visit this wonderful country. You can also learn to dance Tango in one of the several dance studios. 

Tango dancers in Buenos Aires anthony arrigo/Flickr

Tango dancers in Buenos Aires ©anthony arrigo/Flickr

The Iguazu Waterfalls

One of the most breathtaking waterfalls of the entire world, the Iguazu Waterfalls is located on the border of Argentina and Brazil. Both sides attract thousands and even millions of tourists each year. It is protected in a national park famous for its flora and fauna, too. The falls are quite easily accessible from the town of Puerto Iguazu. The fantastic UNESCO World Heritage Site surely makes Argentina a must-visit country.

Iguazu Falls Nouhailler/Flickr

Iguazu Falls ©Nouhailler/Flickr


Considered to be the southernmost city of the world, Ushuaia is a unique travel destination. Situated on the Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego, the city offers numerous natural and cultural attractions. Perhaps the main highlights of the region are the fantastic seals, whales, penguins and birds which can be admired here.

Ushuaia RAYANDBEE/Flickr

Ushuaia ©RAYANDBEE/Flickr



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