A guide to Puerto Madero

Puente de la Mujer, photo by Christian Haugen/Flickr

Puerto Madero is a district of the capital city, Buenos Aires. It occupies a large area of the riverbank of the Rio de la Plata. The spectacular district is famous for housing the most modern architectural trends of the city. It is not a typical tourist destination, but for those who are interested in architecture and ships, it is a must-see area. Also named the Puerto Madero Waterfront, it was created to accommodate the cargo ships. The construction took 10 years to be completed, starting in 1887 and ending in 1897. Today, Puerto Madero plays an important role in the city’s life. If you would like to find out more about this district, read the following article.

Puente de la Mujer

The Women’s Bridge is a spectacular attraction located in the district of Puerto Madero. It got its name after the several streets of the district which have women’s names. The rotating footbridge has an unusual asymmetrical form. There is only one mast with cables which suspend a part of the bridge. That part rotates 90° to allow the ships to pass. It was designed by Santiago Calatrava, a Spanish architect. Its construction began in 1998 and inaugurated in 2001. The bridge is 170 m long and 6,2 m wide. Its unusual form is very attractive and makes it Puerto Madero’s well-known landmark.

Puente de la Mujer, photo by Christian Haugen/Flickr

The Renoir Towers

The residential twin towers are immense and breathtaking. Renoir One is 136, while Renoir Two is 175 m tall. The towers were planned to be highest towers in the whole district, but the construction of the Cavia Tower in 2007 disconcerted it. There are future plans of building a third tower which would be as tall as Renoir One. The third tower would be home to a hotel.

The Renoir Towers, photo by Javier de Cordoba/Flickr

The Chateau Towers

The outstanding residential complex can be found nearby the district of Puerto Madero. The original plan ordained the construction of two residential towers, each having 48 stories. By 2009, three quarters of the units were sold, being a great real estate success in the city of Buenos Aires.

The El Faro Towers

The interconnected towers named El Faro Towers are some of the best architectural examples located adjacent to Puerto Madero. The 160 m tall residential towers occupy a surface of about 57.190 m². The towers house a number of 160 apartments, underground parking lots, gym, sauna, outdoor pool and so on, all dedicated to owners or guests. The spectacular towers are interconnected at four levels, by aerial bridges. As you can see, these structures are not typical tourist attractions, but will surely amaze those who are fans of modern architecture.

Puerto Madero by night, photo by Brenda Fernandez/Flickr

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