A guide to Rosario

National Flag Memorial, en.wikipedia.org

Being the biggest city of the province of Santa Fe, Rosario is also a popular tourist destination. A large number of public buildings and even houses wear the characteristics of neoclassical style. There are numerous attractions which are worth visiting in this wonderful city. Some of the major highlights of the city are numerous theatres, museums, cultural centres, libraries, cinemas and of course, the famous landmarks of the city. The landmarks of Rosario are the following: the National Flag Memorial, the Experimental Science Museum, the Planetarium and so on. Those who decide to visit this gorgeous city, will surely be amazed by the dozens of tourist attractions.

The National Flag Memorial

The spectacular monumental complex was inaugurated in 1957. It occupies a huge surface of about 10.000 m². The National Flag Memorial was constructed nearby the banks of the river of Paraná. It is one of the most representative landmarks of Rosario and also a popular tourist attraction. The monument complex includes three parts: the Civic Courtyard, the Tower and the Triumphal Propylaeum. There is a park situated in front of the memorial which is named the National Flag Park.

National Flag Memorial, en.wikipedia.org

The Experimental Science Museum

The museum was established in 1987 and is considered the first experimental science museum in the country. It is different from traditional museums, including not only exhibited objects, but equipments which can be used by visitors for different experiments. These include the following experiments: Computer Science, Physics, Astronautics, Mathematics, Geology, Biology and so on. The museum is usually open in the evening hours.

The Municipal Decorative Arts Museum

It is a spectacular museum which is housed in a building that was the home of the famous Estévez family. They donated the building to the city and later it was turned into a museum. It includes an inner courtyard which is as fantastic as the interior part of the museum. The collections include beautiful furniture dating from the 16th century, magnificent paintings, sculptures, porcelain and so on.

The Planetarium

It is considered one of the region’s major astronomic centres. It is an important landmark and also a major tourist attraction of Rosario. The fantastic planetarium offers an artificial image of the sky. The building of the Planetarium is part of the complex of three major landmarks: the Observatory, the Experimental Science Museum and the Planetarium.

Planetarium, commons.wikimedia.org

The Cathedral Basilica of Our Lady

The cathedral dates from the 19th century. The construction of the building started in 1887. The beautiful altar of it is made of Carrara marble. The cathedral is dedicated to the Virgin of the Rosary and it can be found in the oldest part of the city. The minor cathedral is one of the most beautiful landmarks of Rosario.

Interior of the Cathedral Basilica of Our Lady, commons.wikimedia.org


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