A short guid to backpack in Argentina

The stream/river in Alemania, Salta, Argentina

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Are you still hesitating to travel to Argentina as a backpacker? Are you a little bit worried because this would be the first time traveling in Latin America without any quid?  You  do not know how to plan your journey as a backpacker? Below you will find a short quid to the backpackers in Argentina, so read it on and make plan of your excursion in order to get out the most of your trip. You already made the best choice if you have decided to backpack around the country. Its varied geographical characteristic with its outstanding landscape provides plenty of travel tips to explore such as the rocky ranges of Ande steamy jungles near the Iguazu Falls, stunning lake districts and productive wine  regions, the never ending horizons of Patagonia and the wilderness of Tierra del Fuego National Park. Last but not least Argentina is quite cheap so set off and investigate the real Argentina as a backpacker.

What to take in your backpack?

First of all a map of Argentina will always be useful. Being familiar with the map will help you out when you are exploring the areas of the country. Second thing would be an Argentine travel quid book. It will be your best companion when you face with difficulties. Do not forget that Argentina is a Spanish speaking country, so if you are not an expert in the language do not hesitate to pack a dictionary or phrase book in order to communicate with the locals and make friendship easily. Taking quality clothes and walking shoes are also essential. Bear in mind that Argentina is also a geographically varied country so weather you are hiking in the mountains or trekking in the jungles comfortable and good quality shoes are a must and your feet will be more than grateful. Regarding to your health, do not forget to pack a medical kit with all of your medicines discussed in advance with your doctor. High quality camping utensils are also important if you want to preserve sweet memories about the trip rather than a nightmare because of your destroyed tent. Take a Camera as well. There will be so many representative places and stunning landscapes which are merit to capture. So avoid forgetting your camera at home.

Food and accommodation

Buenos Aires Argentina

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Argentine food is strongly influenced by the Italian cuisine. Thus pizza, pasta, sphgatti and gnoccy are also popular in the country. Among the meets, the beef is a number one favorite. Locals consume huge steaks with sauces and barbeques. A typical Argentine breakfast is quite simple consisting of a toast, bread or croissant with coffee. There are plenty of places where you can pick up some  food like sandwiches, hotdogs (pancho), pizza slices and empanados (small pasties). You can do shopping in the supermarkets as well having big selections of food and beverages for all budgets. Comparing to Cuba, drinking water from the tap is safe so you can drink it without boiling it. A typical Argentine drink is mate, a bitter herby tea. Here you will find a selection of food and drink prizes but note the prices depends on the places where you do shopping: Sandwich $1.30, meal for 2 in a restaurant $9.50,  pizza $3.26 500g,  Street hotdog $0.80, Ice cream $0.80,Lomito sandwich $2.40, Empanada $0.80.  Quilmes beer $1.35, Box red wine $1.40, Beer in bar $4 , 1 liter water $0.80. Of corse these are approximatve prices.

Thinking about the accommodation, Argentina has all sorts of lodgings available for travelers. Hostels are among the cheapest one. Most of them provide breakfast and have a range of rooms from doubles and singles to dormitory styles. An average price in a hostel for one night in Buenos Aires depending on your needs would be: Dorm bed in 12 person dorm = $9.82/Dorm bed in 4 person dorm = $12.27/Private room = $17.72 (These are US dollar prices)

In a conclusion without any further ado Argentina is a worth visiting country even though you are traveling on a short budget as a backpacker you will have a great adventure during your visit. Due to the fact that Argentina is a quite cheap country it is a perfect choice for backpackers. Hope by reading this short quid encouraged you to embark and explore South America’s second biggest country. So plan your holiday and do not miss out to visit such a great places as Iguazo Falls, Buenos Aires and some of the most productive wine regions of the country.

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