A tour in the Casa Rosada

Casa Rosada, photo by Dvortygirl/Flickr

The beautiful Casa Rosada is the “White House” of Argentina. It is the office of the country’s president. “La Casa Rosada” means “The Pink House” in English, another similarity with the USA’s White House. Officially it is named the Casa de Gobierno (The Government House) and it is one of the most representative landmarks of Buenos Aires. It is a National Historic Monument and includes a museum, the Presidential Museum. The Casa Rosada is perhaps the city’s most photographed building. The changing of the guard is also very popular among visitors. If you would like to find out more about the beautiful neoclassical building, read the following article.


The original building on the site was a fort. In the early 18th century it was replaced by a castle and in 1825 a Neoclassical portico was added at the entrance. Until the mid-19th century the building preserved its structure. In the 1860’s the gardens and patios were beautified. This was also the time when the building got its pink color. The idea was to mix the Argentine opposing political parties’ colors: the red and the white. The replacement of the state house was commissioned by the actual president in 1882. He wanted a building resembling the nearby Central Post Office. In 1884 an archway was added between the two buildings, resulting the actual state house.

The pink color of the Casa Rosada, photo by hiabba/Flickr

The building

The beautiful building actually presents three facades and has three stories. As it is open to the public, the interior of the building can be admired by visitors. The Casa Rosada wears the characteristics of Neoclassic style. The actual building was inaugurated in 1898 and serves as the office of the president. With numerous halls and rooms, the Casa Rosada is very attractive among visitors. The interior decoration is as attractive as the exterior of the building.

Plaza de Mayo Fountain with the Casa Rosada in the background, photo by longhorndave/Flickr

The rooms of the “Pink House”

There are numerous rooms in the fantastic Casa Rosada which include: the President’s Office, the Hall of Busts, the Hall of Honor, the Salón Blanco, the Stained Glass Gallery and so on. These include beautiful marble busts, paintings and stained glass. There are guided tours which present many of the building’s rooms which is undoubtedly an unforgettable experience.

The Casa Rosada as a tourist attraction

The Pink House is open to the public. There are guided tours which take you around the building. The building can be visited on weekends, from 10:00 to 18:00. (November 2012) The changing of the guard is also very popular among visitors. It occurs every hour in front of the building. There is also a museum in the back of the Casa Rosada, the Presidential Museum which includes objects and information relating to former presidents. The Casa Rosada is undoubtedly a major tourist attraction of Buenos Aires.

Casa Rosada, photo by Dvortygirl/Flickr



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