A tourist guide to the province of Buenos Aires

Mar del Plata ©blmurch/Flickr

The province of Buenos Aires is one of the most important tourist destinations of the Argentine provinces. It includes numerous outstanding tourist attractions and destinations, but it does not include the city of Buenos Aires. As for the natural attractions, the province includes two low mountain ranges: Sierra de Tandil and Sierra de la Ventana.

The province is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the east. There are numerous towns along the fantastic coastline which are also popular destinations among visitors. These towns include Mar del Plata (the biggest and most significant), Pinamar, La Costa, Miramar and so on. Other famous tourist destinations in Buenos Aires Province are: La Plata, Ventana Sierras, Paraná Delta and so on. Read this tourist guide to the province of Buenos Aires to find out more about it.       

Mar del Plata

The most important seaside resort town of the province is Mar del Plata. It is also the second largest city of the province. With its fantastic beaches the city attracts millions of visitors each year. Besides the beaches, it is home to fantastic attractions, gorgeous restaurants, hotels, theatres, casinos and bars. As for the nightlife spots, there are numerous clubs at Mar del Plata which attract dozens of young visitors. For those who prefer quiet, art and peaceful atmosphere, the museums of the city are the right choice. They can also opt for a visit to the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Cecilia. Mar del Plata also hosts several fantastic events and festivals. As you can see, it is a perfect tourist destination.

Mar del Plata ©blmurch/Flickr


Another fantastic seaside resort town in the province is Miramar. Besides the spectacular beaches, Miramar includes numerous visitor attractions which suite every preference. These include forests, museums, golf courses and so on. The town also offers fantastic outdoor activities, such as surfing, fishing, mountain biking, trekking, horseback riding and so on.

La Plata

It is the outstanding capital city of the province. La Plata is home to several fantastic visitor attractions and landmarks of which the most significant can be found in the city centre. The Palacio Municipal and the Metropolitan Cathedral are just two of the spectacular landmarks of La Plata. Besides, there are fantastic museums, theatres, parks and other attractions in the city. It is surely a paradise for the lovers of sightseeing.

La Plata Cathedral ©en.wikipedia.org

Paraná Delta

As for the natural attractions of the province, Paraná Delta is an exceptional destination for visitors. The best way to discover the fantastic delta is by boat. There are great boat tours which present you the major part of this natural attraction. It includes fantastic protected areas which are home to gorgeous plants and animals. If you are a nature-lover, I suggest you not to miss this attraction.

Ventana Sierras

As one of the two low mountain ranges of the province, Sierra de la Ventana is a fantastic natural attraction. Not only the landscapes, but the fantastic peaks and caves are also very attractive for the lovers of climbing and trekking. The area attracts dozens of visitors each year.

Sierra de la Ventana ©commons.wikimedia.org



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