A visit to the beautiful province of Salta

Salta Cathedral morrissey/Flickr

Salta Cathedral ©morrissey/Flickr

The province of Salta is situated in the north-western part of Argentina. The beautiful region is characterized by amazing natural beauty, rich history and a significant cultural heritage. The capital city of the province Salta is a major tourist destination, owning some outstanding landmarks and visitor attractions.

Among the natural attractions of the province are the following: the Llullaillaco volcano, three amazing national parks (the Baritú National Park, the El Rey National Park and the Los Cardones National Park), the Calchaquí Valley, the Cachi Mountains and so on. Besides, Cafayate is also a major tourist destination, being a fascinating wine-town. A visit to the beautiful province of Salta will surely make you a memorable experience.

The city of Salta

The capital of the province of Salta wears the same name. It is a beautiful city is home to numerous landmarks and visitor attractions, including the main cathedral, the Church of Saint Francis, the Colonial Cabildo, the Province State Theatre, the Ninth of July Plaza and so on. Besides, there are numerous beautiful buildings in the heart of Salta which date from the 18th century. One of the highlights of the city is the exhibition of three mummified Inca children housed in the Museum of High Mountain Archeology. If you are in the province of Salta, you can not miss to visit its capital.

Salta Cathedral morrissey/Flickr

Salta Cathedral ©morrissey/Flickr

Llullaillaco volcano

The astonishing Llullaillaco volcano can be found on the border of the province and Chile. It is a fascinating volcano, being 6.739 m high. It is considered the world’s second highest volcano. Visiting the volcano is with no doubt an unforgettable experience. For those who love nature and climbing, the Llullaillaco volcano is the place to go in Salta.

The national parks of the province

As I already mentioned it, there are three astonishing national parks in the province of Salta: the Baritú National Park, the El Rey National Park and the Los Cardones National Park. These parks are famous for being home to numerous endangered or endemic species of plants and animals, including the puma and the jaguar.

Cachi Mountains and villages

Many tourists visit the beautiful Cachi Mountains and its villages. The small city of Cachi is a major visitor attraction, being surrounded by gorgeous mountains which are almost 5.000 m high. The highlights of the small city are the following: the Bodegas Colomé, the highest vineyard in the world, the 16th century Church of Cachi which is a National Historical Monument, the Pío Pablo Díaz Archaeological Museum and so on.

Indian farmer in Cachi en.wikipedia.org

Indian farmer in Cachi ©en.wikipedia.org

Cafayate and the Calchaquí Valley

Situated in the heart of the Calchaquí Valley, the wine-town of Cafayate is a major tourist destination of Salta due to its location. The valley is an important wine producing area, including beautiful vineyards and wine cellars. Other highlights of the valley are Tolombón, Molinos and San Isidro ranch, the natural Amphitheatre and the desert river. A visit to this fascinating valley is with no doubt a great experience.

Desert river, Calchaquí Valley en.wikipedia.org

Desert river, Calchaquí Valley ©en.wikipedia.org

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