Amazing national forests in Argentina

Lanin National Park MiguelVieira/Flickr

Lanin National Park ©MiguelVieira/Flickr

A country full of natural wonders – perhaps this characterizes Argentina the best. With such astonishing natural wonders like the Iguazu Waterfalls, the Los Glaciares National Park with its breathtaking glaciers, the Tierra del Fuego National Park, the Valdes Peninsula, the Aconcagua Mountain, the region of Patagonia, numerous lakes and other sights Argentina is a top tourist destination. I have already presented you numerous natural attractions of the country.

Below I will give you some information relating to the amazing national forests of Argentina which are protected in some national parks, including the Baritu National Park, the El Palmar National Park, the Los Arayannes National Park, the Los Alerces National Park and the Lanin National Park. If you are a nature-lover, this article is a must-read for you.

The Baritú National Park

Created to protect the breathtaking vegetation, the Baritú National Park is an isolated beauty of Argentina. The huge protected area is famous for its mountains covered by forests, canyons, beautiful waterfalls, rivers and its extremely rich flora and fauna.

Among the species of trees protected in this national park are: pines, cedars, walnut trees, oaks, American timber trees and others. As for the animals, you can meet pumas, tigers, monkeys, lavador little bears and other species here.

The El Palmar National Park

As its name suggests it, the fantastic El Palmar National Park protects vast areas of Yatay palm trees. Many of the almost 12 m tall trees are 800 years old. This astonishing park is rich in both flora and fauna. Among the animal species living here are capybaras, wildcats, foxes, otters and others. It is a unique forested area of the country which is absolutely worth visiting.

El Palmar National Park Emi ?/Flickr

El Palmar National Park ©Emi ?/Flickr

The Los Arayannes National Park

The small park named Los Arayannes National Park protects one of the world’s most unique landscapes. The protected tree specie is actually the myrtle tree which has a unique form: it has a twisted trunk of cinnamon color and the bark is covered by white spots. Cinnamon and palo santo trees can also be found here. The park is easily reachable from Villa La Angostura.

The Los Alerces National Park

Located in Chubut Province, the Los Alerces National Park protects larch woods (alerces). These are actually huge conifers of about 3.000 years old. They can reach 60 m in height and 3.5 m in diameter. Visiting this forested area of Argentina is with no doubt a unique experience, especially for nature-lovers.

Los Alerces National Park Lisa_aw/Flickr

Los Alerces National Park ©Lisa_aw/Flickr

The Lanín National Park

Last, but not least important is the Lanín National Park. Protecting the volcano with the same name, the park is also famous for its forests. The park is well-known for its large areas of evergreen beech, pellin oak and araucaria woods. The last one was highly exploited in the last century, therefore there was need for protection.

Lanin National Park MiguelVieira/Flickr

Lanin National Park ©MiguelVieira/Flickr


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