Argentine food and drinks

Argentine mixed grill Jon Hadley/Flickr

Argentine mixed grill ©Jon Hadley/Flickr

Visiting a country means eating local food and drinking local drinks. Argentine cuisine is mainly influenced by Spanish immigrants, although there are other foods here, too, including French, English or Italian food. Argentine people consume more meat than any other nation. Barbeques and grills are extremely popular here. The most popular meat is beef and vegetarian cuisine is less known in Argentina. If you are interested in the Argenitne food and drinks, I suggest you to read on. I will present you the routines relating to breakfast, lunch and dinner, also the most common meals and drinks. I am sure that if you are also a meat-lover, you will enjoy your stay in Argentina.

Argentine food

As I already mentioned it, the main dishes in Argentina are barbeque and grilled meats. Argentine people love Al Asador (barbeque) and Parallada (mixed grill). They can’t wait to get in their back gardens for barbequing. This means cooking the whole animal on an iron cross. After it is cooked, they cut off the meat and also consume the kidneys, the intestines and even the blood sausage. They use various types of meat and those who don’t prefer red meat, can also barbeque white meat, potatoes and even salads. The mixed grill (Parallada) can include chicken, sausages, beef and ribs. It can also include sweet bread, kidneys, offal, udder and even intestines. Making Al Asador and Parallada is also a great social occasion.

Al Asador NatalieHG/Flickr

Al Asador ©NatalieHG/Flickr

Argentine drinks

The traditional drink of Argentina is the mate. If you are offered a mate, it can be considered rude to refuse it. The dried leaves of common holly plant are soaked in boiling water than drunk through a metal straw. It is very popular among both local people and visitors. The mate is also known as the Paraguayan tea. As for the Argentine coffee, they serve really good one. Cortado is the most common coffee. It is actually a small cup of coffee with a bit of milk. Other variations of coffee are cafe chico (thick coffee) and cafe con leche (coffee with more milk). Tea is also popular in the country and it is usually served with warm milk or lemon slices. As for the alcoholic drinks, cana and ginebra bols are very popular. Wine, beer and whisky are also well-known drinks.

Mate jsanc623/Flickr

Mate ©jsanc623/Flickr


Argentine people usually consume tea, coffee or mate in the morning. As for the food, they usually eat croissants, toast and marmalade. The breakfast is usually light for them, they don’t have bacon and eggs as other nations do.


After a light breakfast, Argentine people eat a quite large amount of food for lunch. There are numerous types of meals which are consumed by Argentine people for lunch. These may include besides Al Asador and Parallada, pizza, pasta or any other meat dish.


If Al Asador or Parallada isn’t consumed for lunch, it is eaten for dinner. Families gather by this time of the day and get in the back gardens, having a good time and eating delicious meals.

Argentine mixed grill Jon Hadley/Flickr

Argentine mixed grill ©Jon Hadley/Flickr

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