Attend Argentina’s National Carnival

Dancers in the Corsódromo during the carnival

Dancers in the Corsódromo during the carnival ©

Attending festivals or carnivals always makes us feel we are so alive…you surely fill up with energy every time you attend such a colorful event. Do you also love to take part on carnivals? In case you do, I recommend you to attend Argentina’s National Carnival. This event is held in the town of Gualeguaycho. They call it the “Carnaval del Pais”.

The carnival is an important event for Argentine people. It is an extremely extensive event, being held 6 weeks, with interruptions. It is held on weekends in January, February and March. If you visit Buenos Aires for example on one of these weekends, take your time and visit this town where you can join the extravaganza. It will surely be a memorable experience.

How to get to Gualeguaycho

The small town of Gualeguaycho is situated in the province of Entre Rios, in the northern part of Buenos Aires. It takes about a three-hour trip to get there from the capital city. The best way to get there (if you don’t travel by your personal car) is by the Flecha Bus Company. During season several buses leave from Buenos Aires, Retiro Bus Station.

Argentina'a National Carnival

Argentina’a National Carnival ©

About the Carnival

The main events of this colorful carnival take place in a stadium called the Corsódromo. Several comparsas (schools) compete on the weekends of the carnival, based on their performances, overall theme and skills. Nearly 500.000 of tourists arrive to this small town during the carnival. It is a fantastic event, characterized by energy, colorful feathers, sequins and floats.

Dancers in the Corsódromo during the carnival

Dancers in the Corsódromo during the carnival ©

Other attractions of the town

Gualeguaycho is not only famous for its event, the Carnival, there are also numerous sights dedicated to visitors. There are for instance great river beaches which are attractive for the lovers of beach holidays. The natural attractions of the surrounding region are also spectacular. The area is characterized by a large variety of flora and fauna. It is a true paradise for nature-lovers.

There are also excellent camp sites for the adventure-lovers. If you are more of a culture-seeker, you can visit the several museums and cultural attractions of the town. Gualeguaycho is also well-known in the region for its thermal spring resorts, perfect for those looking for relaxation. Besides, there are some fantastic ranches surrounding the town where visitors have the occasion to practice several activities like horseback riding.

Where to stay

Although Gualeguaycho is a small town, there are several options of accommodation of offer. There are hotels, apartments and camp sites here. The Aguay Hotel is considered to be one of the best ones. Puerto Inn and Guayra are other great hotels to stay at. Besides, there are bungalows and cabanas here, too.

Colorful costume of dancer

Colorful costume of dancer ©

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