Best Argentine beaches

Mar del Plata Ricardo Calderón Magaña/Flickr

Mar del Plata ©Ricardo Calderón Magaña/Flickr

Argentina is an immense country, being home to numerous fantastic cities, natural wonders and cultural landmarks. The Iguazu Waterfalls, the Los Glaciares National Park, the wine region of Mendoza, the Tierra del Fuego National Park, the ski resort of Bariloche, the fantastic cities of Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Salta, Ushuaia, the Andes and Patagonia are among the most famous and most visited destinations of Argentina.

Argentina also has some great beaches to offer to the lovers of sun and sea. There are several beaches all along the Atlantic coast of the country. You surely know that summer in Argentina lasts from December to March. So, if you are looking for great sunny beaches, make your packages and visit Argentina!

Mar del Plata

With no doubt the best Argentine beach is Mar del Plata. Built in 1874, it is the country’s oldest beach resort. Mar del Plata is very popular among tourists, therefore it is always crowded, but if the crowds don’t bother you, you’ll surely have part of a great experience.

It presents about 17 km of coastline and it is famous for its beautiful surrounding rolling hills. As it is a famous resort, it is obvious that there are several great hotels and restaurants along the beach. Besides, the nightlife is also great, dragging numerous young travelers. If you love parties, great facilities, sun and excellent sea, choose Mar del Plata!

Mar del Plata Ricardo Calderón Magaña/Flickr

Mar del Plata ©Ricardo Calderón Magaña/Flickr


Miramar is more of a quite, peaceful beach. If you are prefer peaceful atmosphere, relaxation and less-crowded beach, choose Miramar! Besides, if you are going to Argentina with the kids, this beach will be a great choice. Miramar is also very popular among cyclers. The beach is also famous for its great facilities.


Another extremely popular beach is Necochea. It is also extremely long, about 74 km. The beach offers soft, white sand. Although the surroundings are not as beautiful as Mar del Plata’s, it is popular among travelers. The central area of the beach is a modern section, with great accommodation. Besides, if you have limited budget, it is a great choice.

Necochea Beach blmurch/Flickr

Necochea Beach ©blmurch/Flickr


Pinamar is more of an exclusive beach, being popular among both rich local people and tourists. Besides, if you are looking for relaxation or you are traveling with the kids, the beach will be a great choice. The surrounding area of the beach is also beautiful, giving even more attractiveness to the resort. Another great thing about Pinamar is the several luxurious restaurants, boutique hotels and spas along the coastline.

Pinamar Staphylococcus by Gabriela Sanabria/Flickr

Pinamar ©Staphylococcus by Gabriela Sanabria/Flickr


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