Best Whale Watching Spots in Argentina

Orcas (Killer Whales)

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If we are talking about Argentina one thing is pretty sure, that there is so much to do and that is why it is a true delight to explore. However if you are looking for a really exciting experience, do not hesitate to take part into an impressive whale watching tour and discover the species that inhabited Argentina, providing memorable adventures for those who visit the country in the whale watching season from May to December. If we managed to arose your interest check out our Best whale watching spots in Argentina topic and set off to discover these huge giants of  the oceans.

The Valdes Peninsula

Peninsula Valdez, Puerto Madryn, Patagonia Argentina

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The Valdes Peninsula and its surrounding area are the best places to enjoy whale watching tours. The peninsula hosts the largest population of the whale species. Among the Southern right whales and Orcas, the Dusky dolphins can also be found here. The whales take their residence between mid May and December, and the best months for watching them are: August-September and October.

Puerto Madryn

 One hour away from the Valdes Peninsula, Puerto Madryn turn to be an attractive town and the base for tourists visiting the Valdes Peninsula. The town bay is home for the whales and the best spot where you can see the whales is the pier. They often come vary close to the pier , providing wonderful experience to the visitors. The best time here to see the whales are from May until September.

Playa Doradillo

Playa Doradillo strengthens 17 km north of Puerto Madryn. There are a high number of whales seen at the beach shores. There is a platform built on the cliffs, for watching the whales and if the weather conditions are favorable you can see the whales in their natural environment.

Puerto Piramides

Puerto Piramides- This friendly village is situated on the Valdes Peninsula. There are boat trips for whale watching tours, and in addition these tours are quite cheap.

Puerto Rawson

Situated in Patagonia, this is a perfect space to see whales and dolphins all year around. The highlight of this place is the boat trips serving as the best way of dolphin watching.

Puerto Deseado

Penguins in Ria Puerto Deseado


South from the Puerto Rawson, Puerto Deseado is known as the home of Commerson’s and Peale’s dolphins. Besides the dolphins Rochopper and Magellanic penguins are also the inhabitants of the area. There are different tours available in the area for dolphins and penguins watching. It is a paradise for wildlife lovers thanks to the various biodiversity of the species living in the area.

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