Breathtaking Argentine landscapes

Iguazu Falls Nouhailler/Flickr

Iguazu Falls ©Nouhailler/Flickr

Argentina is an extremely colorful country. It has a varied relief, being home to deserts, mountains, lakes, glaciers, waterfalls and other natural wonders. This astonishing country is abundant in both cultural and natural sights. Some of the world’s most famous natural wonders can be found here, in Argentina.

The Iguazu Waterfalls, the Aconcagua Mountain, the Perito Moreno Glacier, the Tierra del Fuego National Park and innumerable national parks and lakes make this fantastic country a top destination for every traveler. In some of the previous guides I have already presented you numerous natural wonders of this South American country. Below I will present you the most breathtaking Argentine landscapes. I think you should really read this guide. It could help you a lot choosing a great destination for your next holiday.

The Iguazu Waterfalls

As one of the top destinations of Argentina, the fantastic Iguazu Waterfalls are considered some of the world’s largest and most famous natural attractions. The breathtaking falls represent with no doubt one of Argentina’s most breathtaking landscapes. The falls are located on the border of Argentina and Brazil. Protected in a national park, the Iguazu Waterfalls attract thousands of visitors each year. They are easily reachable from the town of Puerto Iguazu.

Iguazu Falls Nouhailler/Flickr

Iguazu Falls ©Nouhailler/Flickr

The Aconcagua Mountain

The Aconcagua Mountain is a world famous natural sight. It is considered the highest mountain in the Americas. The mountain actually makes part of the Andes and is located in the province of Mendoza. The highest peak of the Aconcagua reaches 6.960 m, being attractive for climbers. This mountain is with no doubt one of the most breathtaking natural wonder of the country.

The northern, deserted region

The desert of Atacama known as one of the world’s most dry regions can be found in the northern part of Argentina. This northern region is also famous for being home to some unique landscapes, including the salt flats of Salta, the famous Quebrada de Humahuaca, the Ibera Wetlands, ancient towns descending from the Incas and so on. These sights make the region a unique landscape of Argentina.

Quebrada de Humahuaca MiguelVieira/Flickr

Quebrada de Humahuaca ©MiguelVieira/Flickr

The Los Glaciares National Park

One of the most dramatic landscapes of Argentina, the famous Los Glaciares National Park protects some breathtaking glaciers and glacial lakes of the country. These glaciers, primarily the Perito Moreno Glacier are very attractive for tourists. Other glaciers of the park are the Upsala Glacier and Viedma Glacier.

The Perito Moreno Glacier Tanenhaus/Flickr

The Perito Moreno Glacier ©Tanenhaus/Flickr

The Tierra del Fuego National Park

The Tierra del Fuego National Park is one of the most impressive and most dramatic national parks of Argentina. The park is well-known for its dramatic scenery and wonderful flora and fauna. The world’s southernmost national park is home to breathtaking waterfalls, forests, mountains and glaciers.


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