Budget tips for visitors in Buenos Aires

The Recoleta Cemetery Andrew Currie/Flickr

The Recoleta Cemetery ©Andrew Currie/Flickr

Buenos Aires is a world-class tourist destination, being one of the most attractive cities of the Americas. It is a sprawling capital which boasts a population of about 15 million people, being an immense metropolis full of culture, tango, literature, art and unique sights. You might consider that being a world-class city, Buenos Aires is an expensive destination, but it is actually not.

In comparison with other famous cities, it is more affordable. Buenos Aires is easy to love and hard to forget…it is with no doubt a great experience. I recommend you not to miss it, even if you travel on limited budget. In order to help you save some money, below I will present some budget tips for visitors in Buenos Aires.

Free/cheap attractions

Buenos Aires offers numerous fascinating sights to its visitors, including free and cheap attractions, too. There are several free, guided tours on offer. There tours present you the main architectural and historical sights of the city. These tours usually run during the weekends, in the afternoons.

Some of the free sights of Buenos Aires are the following: the Recoleta Cemetery, the Kavanagh Building, the Obelisk of Buenos Aires, the Feria de Mataderos, the Feria de Plaza Dorrego and so on. Two fantastic museums are also free sights to visit. These are the Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires and the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes. You can also explore the neighborhoods of the city. The Caminito is among the most attractive. It is like an open-air museum of the city.

The Recoleta Cemetery Andrew Currie/Flickr

The Recoleta Cemetery ©Andrew Currie/Flickr

Free/cheap things to do

In case you are interested in a cheap day-out in Buenos Aires, try out the following activities. The city offers numerous free and cheap things to do. As I already mentioned it, there are several free attractions which can be visited. The University of Buenos Aires’s School of Law also offers free classical music concerts every week, in the evenings. It is a great nightly entertainment. You can also go to the performances of the Club Tango. There are numerous free performances on offer.

Tango dancers in Buenos Aires anthony arrigo/Flickr

Tango dancers in Buenos Aires ©anthony arrigo/Flickr

Free/cheap kid-friendly sights

If you are traveling with the kids, you will have to look for some kid-friendly attractions, too. There are numerous free and cheap kid-friendly sights in Buenos Aires. For instance there are numerous playgrounds in the city. Kids will love them. There are also numerous museums dedicated for the kids of which many are free attractions. Such museums are: the Museo del Automóvil Club Argentino, the Museo Nacional de la Historia del Traje, the Buque Museo Corbeta Uruguay and so on.

Walking in the Caminito, Buenos Aires Marc_Smith/Flickr

Walking in the Caminito, Buenos Aires ©Marc_Smith/Flickr

Free outdoor activities

If you are looking for outdoor activities, you won’t have to spend money. There are numerous free outdoor activities in Buenos Aires. You can visit for instance the Jardín Botánico Carlos Thays (the Carlos Thays Botanical Garden) or the Bosques de Palermo (Forests of Palermo). You will surely enjoy the day.


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