Dance classes in Buenos Aires

Tango dancers anthony arrigo/Flickr

Tango dancers ©anthony arrigo/Flickr

Buenos Aires is an extremely popular tourist destination. This buzzing city attracts numerous visitors each year due to its unique visitor attractions and excellent things to do. Whether you are looking for a great sightseeing tour or some unique experiences to try out, the Argentina capital city will surely amaze you. In some of the previous articles I have already presented you numerous aspects relating to the landmarks, things to do, hotels and restaurants of Buenos Aires. Below I will give you some information relating to dance and dance classes in Buenos Aires. If you love to dance or you prefer to watch tango shows, you will love this city. Read on to find out more!


There are innumerable dance classes in the Argentine capital city. The prices of dance classes are quite reasonable, costing from 15 to 25 pesos a class. The classes are offered several days though the week and take place at dance studios spread all over the city and its surroundings.

The main dance classes are Tango classes, but there are other styles, too, including Milonga, Salsa, Hip-Hop and so on. If you would like to find out more about the Tango courses, Tango shows and dance studios of the city, read on.

Tango courses

What can be a more authentic way to learn how to dance Tango than making it at a local school or dance studio in Buenos Aires? There are innumerable Tango courses in the Argentine capital city. These range from one-week to one-year courses. Which one to choose only depends on the period you intend to stay in this fantastic city.

Tango lesson ad Vince Alongi/Flickr

Tango lesson ad ©Vince Alongi/Flickr

In some Tango courses accommodation, food and other services are also included. Therefore, the prices are very varied. From £845 for one week the prices can reach £3.895 for three months. During your course you will be trained by a private tango teacher who will teach you three times a week, the course taking place in various places throughout the city. Each lesson will last one and a half hour. I am not telling you that after a one-week course you will be a professional dancer, but you will surely return home with great skills.

Tango shows

In case you can not dance, but you love to watch dance performances, Buenos Aires is the best place to visit. The home of Tango is famous for its Tango shows. These shows usually include both singing and dancing, taking place in the fantastic local theatres.

Two of the most popular scenes for great Tango shows are “La Esquina Balcarce” and “Homero Manzi”. There is presented the history of Tango from its beginnings until present days. You will surely enjoy the fascinating shows.

Tango dancers anthony arrigo/Flickr

Tango dancers ©anthony arrigo/Flickr

Dance studios

As I already mentioned it, there are plenty of dance studios in Buenos Aires. Some of the best ones are the following: Dance & Move Studio, Estudio Carlinhos Da Silva and others. Whatever you’d choose, you will surely be trained by professional teachers and get some excellent skills, not to mention the fun.

Tango show in Buenos Aires GiPereira/Flickr

Tango show in Buenos Aires ©GiPereira/Flickr

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