Exploring the biodiversity of Argentina

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The huge South-American country, Argentina boasts with an astonishing and colorful biodiversity. From mountainous regions to savannah-like areas and coastal lines, Argentina provides a large variety of flora and fauna. This beautiful country includes numerous protected areas and national parks. A visit to this magnificent country is with no doubt a lifetime experience for the lovers of nature. If you also love nature, thinking about to make a journey to this amazing country and willing to explore the biodiversity of Argentina, this article was written to you. Read on to find out more about the fantastic animals and plants which can be found in Argentina.

The Andes

The astonishing Andes are characterized by the existence of almost 30.000 species of vascular plants, shrubs, deciduous forests and xeric vegetation. Rainforests used to occupy large surfaces, but today these diminished significantly. The animals living in the Andes are the following: llama, viscacha, guanaco, Andean Mountain Cat, vicuña, kodkod, fox, the amazing Andean Condor and so on. Besides climbing, exploring the biodiversity of the Andes is also a fantastic experience.

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Argentina’s northern part

The northern part of the country is characterized by subtropical climate. The most common trees are the Dalbergia genus of trees, the quebracho tree and the black and white algarrobo trees. As for the animals, there are big cats living here, including the puma, the jaguar or the ocelot. Other species of animals are: the Argentine Black and White Tegu, the howler monkey, the bush dog, the tapir, the capybara, the peccary and so on. The species of birds living in the northern part are the hummingbirds, the toucans, the flamingos and others.

Puma en.wikipedia.org

Puma ©en.wikipedia.org

Central regions

The central grasslands are dominated by pampas foxes, pampas deers, pampas cats, giant anteaters, maras, armadillos, hawks, falcons and others. The humid pampas are characterized by tall grasses and no trees, only tree-like plants.

Argentina’s southern region

Southern Argentina is also home to numerous amazing species of animals, including the smallest deer of the world, the pudú; the huemul, the cougar and the wild boar which isn’t native specie. The coastline is astonishing, being very attractive for visitors due to its rich biodiversity. The animal species living here are the following: sea lions, elephant seals, penguins and fur seals. Admiring these animals is surely an unforgettable experience.

The country’s territorial waters

In the territorial waters of the country there are living fantastic animals, including orcas, dolphins, the southern right whale. Thus, a large number of tourists are drawn here. What can be more exciting for a nature-lover than admiring these animals?

South American fur seals en.wikipedia.org

South American fur seals ©en.wikipedia.org


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