Fantastic Inca sites in Argentina

Inca mummy Leandro's World Tour/Flickr

Inca mummy ©Leandro’s World Tour/Flickr

Home to hundreds of unique visitor attractions, Argentina is one of the top tourist destinations of South America. This astonishing country is abundant in great sights which are world famous and worth visiting destinations.

The breathtaking Iguazu Waterfalls (one of the most famous and biggest waterfalls of the entire world), the Los Glaciares National Park (with its giant glaciers), the Tierra del Fuego National Park (with its dramatic scenery), Salta (with its colorful geological features), the Beagle Channel (with the fantastic wildlife of the coastline), the wonderful Andes and portion of Patagonia are just some of the most astonishing sites in the country. I have already presented all of them. Below I will present you some unique sites of the country. These are the fantastic Inca sites which can be found in Argentina.

Pucará de Tilcara

The tribes of the area were conquered by the Incas in the 15th century. Although their domination lasted only for about half a century, the site is a very important Inca site of the country and drags numerous tourists each year. Pucará de Tilcara was actually used as a fortification and its ruins make an important tourist attraction. The ruined fortification can be found on a hill outside the small town of Tilcara, in Jujuy Province.

The site was strategically chosen, as it provided great views over the large area named Quebrada de Humahuaca. The ruined fortification of Pucará de Tilcara has been designated a National Monument of Argentina since 2000. The site needed renovation works. Today it is the only archaeological site of Quebrada de Humahuaca which can be publicly accessed.

Pucara de Tilcara Fajro ookaboo/Flickr

Pucara de Tilcara ©Fajro/ookaboo


A fantastic Pre-Incan archeological site of Argentina is the famous Tastil. It can be found in Salta Province, near Santa Rosa de Tastil. The site was built by predecessors of the Incas – the Atacameño people. During the 15th century the settlement included about 400 households. In a siege by the Inca Empire the major part of Tastil was destroyed.

The ruins of the settlement were discovered in 1903, by a Swedish anthropologist. In 1997 Tastil was declared a National Historic Monument of Argentina. Today it is an important archeological site of the country and is very attractive for visitors, especially the lovers of history.

Tastil Veronique Debord/Flickr

Tastil ©Veronique Debord/Flickr


The volcano named Llullaillaco is situated on the border of Chile and Salta Province. It is considered that the volcano was climbed by Incas during the Pre-Columbian period. This is proved by the bodies of three Inca children found on the summit of the volcano in 1999. The mummies are perfectly preserved. The volcano is considered to be the highest archeological site of the world and also the highest Inca burial site.

Inca mummy Leandro's World Tour/Flickr

Inca mummy ©Leandro’s World Tour/Flickr

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