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Mendoza, Hotel Diplomatic morrissey/Flickr

Mendoza, Hotel Diplomatic ©morrissey/Flickr

Before traveling to a foreign country, it is good to find out some useful information relating to the country’s culture, the local transportation, the traditional foods and drinks, where to find the best hotels, shops and restaurants and so on. In case you are planning a journey to the fascinating South American country, Argentina, the following guide is a must for you. Below I will present you some of the best and most popular hotels, apartments and hostels of the country. If you would like to get the best accommodation in Argentina, I suggest you to read on. This article will surely help you finding the most comfortable accommodation, offering excellent services.

The best hotels

The country offers dozens of fantastic hotels to its tourists, ranging from budget 1 star-hotels to luxurious 5 star-hotels. In the big cities of Argentina visitors can find the world famous luxurious hotels, just like the local ones. In case you visit Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Rosario, Mendoza, Salta, Bariloche or Ushuaia, be prepared for a predominantly expensive accommodation, especially in case of the capital city.

The key cities of the country are homes to some fantastic luxurious, spa and boutique hotels, but they present some budget ones, too. Whatever your preferences are, you will surely find at least one to suit you. Some of the best-known hotels spread all over Argentina are the following: the Alvear Palace Hotel, the Art Hotel, the Sofitel, the Four Seasons Hotel, the Faena Hotel and the Bobo Hotel, the Palacio Duhau in Buenos Aires, the Asacia Hotel Manila, the B Hotel, the Microtel Inn in Rosario, the Park Hyatt, the Cavas Wine Lodge and the Intercontinental Hotel, Hotel Diplomatic in Mendoza and so on. 

Mendoza, Hotel Diplomatic morrissey/Flickr

Mendoza, Hotel Diplomatic ©morrissey/Flickr

The best apartments

Renting an apartment is a more and more popular accommodation option, especially for families. As the apartments usually have kitchens, the food can be prepared here, thus skipping the restaurants saves a little money for the tourists. The city of Buenos Aires for example offers a large variety of apartments to its tourists, including the Casa Bolivar, the Living In and others. There are also fantastic and comfortable apartments for rent in other cities, towns and even villages all over Argentina.

Buenos Aires apartment jimmyharris/Flickr

Buenos Aires apartment ©jimmyharris/Flickr

The best hostels

For young travelers choosing a hostel is the best option. It is way more cheaper than a hotel room or even an apartment. Argentina has some great hostels to offer its tourists spread all over the country. There are great HI hostels in Argentina: in Buenos Aires the most popular ones are the Tango City, Tango Backpackers, Obelisco and so on, in Bariloche the best one is the Marcopolo Inn and in El Calafate the same brand is considered one of the most popular.

Hostel room in Salta Dvortygirl/Flickr

Hostel room in Salta ©Dvortygirl/Flickr

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