Great wine boutiques in Buenos Aires

Bottles of Argentine wine mckaysavage/Flickr

Bottles of Argentine wine ©mckaysavage/Flickr

Everybody knows that Argentina produces some of the world’s best wine. Those who love wine can always find something to satisfy their preferences. There are numerous wine tours, wineries and vineyards which are attractive for tourists. Besides, the restaurants sell excellent, sometimes quite expensive wines. In case you would like to skip these expensive restaurants or you would like to bring one or more bottles of wine home, I recommend you to look for the wine boutiques. If your destination is Buenos Aires, the following guide will surely help you finding the best ones. Below I will present you some great wine boutiques in Buenos Aires.

The Wine Gallery

Located in the elegant neighborhood of Recoleta, The Wine Gallery is a great wine boutique of Buenos Aires. There are held tastings almost every month. They always invite an experienced wine maker to these occasions who talks about his latest vintages. Besides, this shop offers an extra service: private consultations for those willing to start their own collection.

The owner knows all of his clients and always has something new on offer. The large selection of wines is very attractive for those who appreciate this drink. I recommend you to make a visit to The Wine Gallery and have a conversation with the owner. You won’t regret it.

Bottles of Argentine wine mckaysavage/Flickr

Bottles of Argentine wine ©mckaysavage/Flickr

Lo de Joaquin Alberdi

Situated in Palermo, the boutique of Lo de Joaquin Alberdi offers an intimate atmosphere. Several different bottles of wine are always open, offering the clients the possibility to sit down and enjoy a glass of wine. The majority of the clientele are tourists. Many are interested in making a visit to Mendoza.

The owner, Alberdi is always happy to give them advices. He considered that attention must be paid to the client, as “it takes a lot of time to know wine”, therefore he takes a lot of time with his costumers. If you walk into this fantastic wine shop, you will never be ignored.  

Malbec wine David Berkowitz/Flickr

Malbec wine ©David Berkowitz/Flickr

La Bodega del Pintor, Arte y Vino

La Bodega del Pintor, Arte y Vino can be found on a wonderful cobblestone street in the neighborhood of San Telmo. La Bodega is a very interesting place to visit. Once you start to look around, you will observe that wall décor is actually a gallery of pastel works, being dominated by antique pieces which have been recycled and turned into some funky ornamentation.

A great thing about the shop is that everything is for sale. This way the space can be constantly changing. The shop always offers excellent gift ideas by pairing unique selections of wines with unique food products. These are packaged in wooden boxes.

Argentine wines permanently scatterbrained/Flickr

Argentine wines ©permanently scatterbrained/Flickr



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