Guide to Mendoza’s nightlife

Wines at Vines of Mendoza longhorndave/Flickr

Wines at Vines of Mendoza ©longhorndave/Flickr

Mendoza is one of the most visited and largest cities in Argentina. It is an excellent tourist destination, being home to some great visitor attractions. The whole province houses several sights which are worth visiting, not to mention the importance of the vineyards in the area. Mendoza is well-known as the main wine region of the country. If you are interested in wine tours, don’t miss it. You’ll also find great wine bars in the city of Mendoza. Besides these, there are some great nightspots in the city, including clubs, bars and cafés. Read the following guide to Mendoza’s nightlife to find out more about them.

Fin Sin

With no doubt one of the best live music venues of Mendoza is the one named Fin Sin. It is a great club to enjoy Mendoza’s nightlife. Happy hour starts at 23:00, while the first band gets on stage at 1:00. They also have a weekly program, with different events. Fin Sin is surely a not-to-miss, with good live music which keeps playing until the sun rises. Do you love to dance? You will love the Fin Sin.

Party people Martin Terber/Flickr

Party people ©Martin Terber/Flickr

Vines of Mendoza

The famous Vines of Mendoza is a friendly wine bar located in the centre of the city. A great thing about this bar is that everyone speaks English here. They offer tastings of five selected wines. Wine-appreciation classes are also offered to visitors. The fantastic wine bar is open daily except Sundays, from 15:00 to 22:00. (December 2013) It is a great place where you can even buy bottles of wine.

Wines at Vines of Mendoza longhorndave/Flickr

Wines at Vines of Mendoza ©longhorndave/Flickr

Por Acá

A great bar-lounge of Mendoza is Por Acá. It is easily recognizable for its purple and yellow colors. With its funny polka-dotted upstairs, it is a great venue for nightly entertainment. The bar gets crowded at about 2:00. Offering good retro dance music, dancing on the tables is not uncommon here. You’ll find this bar on the Avenue Villanueva Arístides.

Bar in Mendoza martesdeporron/Flickr

Bar in Mendoza ©martesdeporron/Flickr

La Reserva

Looking for a gay bar? La Reserva is one of the most famous in the city. With outrageous drag shows, at every midnight during weekends, the bar is very popular among young people. The crowd is mixed and the bar is always packed. The small bar also houses theatre shows. The La Reserva is not open on Mondays.

Soul Café

A great café of Mendoza is the Soul Café. They offer everything from live rock to jazz and even theatre. With shows starting after 1:00, the café is popular among both locals and visitors.




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