How to see Buenos Aires in 3 days

The Caminito Marc_Smith/Flickr

The Caminito ©Marc_Smith/Flickr

Are you planning a visit to Argentina, more precisely to Buenos Aires? In case you have limited time, the following guide is a must-read for you. It might sound unbelievable, but you can see the city in a couple of days. Everything depends on organization and planning. If you don’t know the main points of interest of the city or you do not have a plan, use mine.

Read the following guide to find out how to see Buenos Aires in 3 days. Below I will present you a visiting plan for each day of your visit, including the most important visitor attractions. Be prepared for lots of walking and traveling by different means of transportation. The 3-day visit may be exhausting, but trust me it is worth making an effort!

Day 1

I would recommend you to dedicate your first and second day to the most important landmarks and visitor attractions of the city, leaving the less important, but still gorgeous sights for the third day of your visit. Among the most important landmarks of the city are the following: the Casa Rosada, the Obelisk, the Metropolitan Cathedral of Buenos Aires, the fantastic area named Caminito and the National Congress.

These sights might be included in the first day of your visit. All of these architectural jewels are representative landmarks and visitor attractions of Buenos Aires, dragging numerous tourists each year. Every visitor attraction is unique of its kind and very attractive for tourists.  

The Caminito Marc_Smith/Flickr

The Caminito ©Marc_Smith/Flickr

Day 2

As for the second day of your visit, you should visit the further important landmarks and visitor attractions like the Recoleta Cemetery, the well-known Teatro Colon, the Plaza de Mayo, the Japanese Gardens or the Botanical Gardens of Buenos Aries.

The famous Recoleta Cemetery is a unique visitor attraction of the city and drags numerous tourists. It might sound weird to visit a cemetery, but once you get in, you will realize its importance. The Japanese Gardens and the Botanical Gardens are dedicated for those who love nature. These attractions may be very relaxing after an exhausting sightseeing tour.

Japanese Gardens blmurch/Flickr

Japanese Gardens ©blmurch/Flickr

Day 3

Your third day can be dedicated to museums, restaurants and shopping malls. Palermo is a famous neighborhood full of bars, clubs, shops and restaurants. So is Retiro, too, which is also famous for its Art Nouveau cafés and Art Deco buildings. Buenos Aires is home to numerous museums, including the National Historical Museum, the Galileo Galilei Planetarium, the Museum of Fine Arts and so on.

Visit as many as you can, then go shopping. The city is abundant in excellent shopping spots where you can buy fantastic souvenirs and gifts. As for your last evening watch an excellent tango show or go to a fantastic bar.

Galileo Galilei Planetarium pandrcutts/Flickr

Galileo Galilei Planetarium ©pandrcutts/Flickr



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