Kid-friendly attractions in Buenos Aires

Walking in the Caminito, Buenos Aires Marc_Smith/Flickr

Walking in the Caminito, Buenos Aires ©Marc_Smith/Flickr

Traveling with the children doesn’t have to be a challenge. There are many destinations all around the world which offer great kid-friendly attractions. Argentina is also a child-friendly destination and so is its capital city, Buenos Aires. There are numerous unique experiences dedicated to children. The kid-friendly attractions of Buenos Aires include amusement parks, children’s museums and other sights. If you will visit Buenos Aires with your kids and you would like to make them satisfied, you will surely want to find out more about these attractions. Well, all you have to do is to read the following guide. These attractions will surely make you, adults also feel like a kid again!

Museo de los Niños

The Museo de los Niños is really dedicated to the kids. It is actually a fantastic play center for the children. It can be found inside the Abasto Shopping Center. You will find fantastic things here, not to mention the great activities. The miniature versions of the Congreso and the Casa Rosada are just some of the exhibited “copies”.

This museum also offers a fun way for children to learn many useful things about different careers. You will find miniature dentist’s office, TV station (with cameras working), doctor’s office, gas station, newspaper office, working radio station and so on. Your children will surely enjoy the visit.

Kids at Buenos Aires Dvortygirl/Flickr

Kids at Buenos Aires ©Dvortygirl/Flickr

República de los Niños

The República de los Niños is not situated inside the city of Buenos Aires. It can be found in La Plata, but trust me, it’s worth the visit. Built in the 1940’s, the amusement park was the inspiration for Walt Disney to build his theme park in California. The fairy tale castle, different rides for the kids and miniaturized buildings and streets attract numerous families every year.

Museo Participativo de Ciencias

The Museo Participativo de Ciencias is set on two floors presenting science displays, perfect for kids who can play and touch whatever they want. It is surely great fun for the kids. You will find mechanical rooms, radio studio communications rooms, sound rooms and others. There are interactive activities for kids of all ages here. Although noisy for adults, it is definitely a fun place for the kids.

Walking in the Caminito, Buenos Aires Marc_Smith/Flickr

Walking in the Caminito, Buenos Aires ©Marc_Smith/Flickr

The Water Palace and the Museo del Patrimonio

The Water Palace is considered to be one of the most beautiful buildings of Buenos Aires. You may find this museum is not interesting. This building was actually constructed to house the water pumps as the city grew significantly.

Today it is nicknamed “the toilet museum” – this is what attracts the kids. They will find the hundreds of toilets very funny. Some of the toilets even show their interior workings. Take the kids to the museum and you will see they will have a great time.

The Water Palace blmurch/Flickr

The Water Palace ©blmurch/Flickr

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