Less-known national parks in Argentina

Lanin National Park DoNotLick/Flickr

Lanin National Park ©DoNotLick/Flickr

As you surely know it, Argentina is a country full of astonishing and breathtaking natural attractions. Some of the most popular such sights are the fantastic protected areas of the country, including its wonderful national parks. There are over thirty picturesque national parks in Argentina of which many were inscribed on the list of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites and make extremely popular tourist attractions.

Besides, there are also less-known national parks in Argentina which are very attractive, too. In case you know the bigger and more popular protected areas only, the following guide is a must-read for you. Below I will present some of these less-known parks, including the Los Alerces National Park, the Los Cardones National Park, the Calilegua National Park, the Lanín National Park and the Lago Puelo National Park.

The Los Alerces National Park

Situated in Chubut Province, the Los Alerces National Park occupies an area of about 2.600 km². The park was named after the protected species of tree – the alerce tree. Established in 1937, the park also protects some wonderful lakes of which the best-known ones are the Futalaufquen Lake, the Menendez Lake and others.The visitors of the park have the occasion to practice fishing and walking, not to mention the boat trips on the lakes.

Los Alerces National Park lisa_aw/Flickr

Los Alerces National Park ©lisa_aw/Flickr

The Los Cardones National Park

Located in Salta Province, the Los Cardones National Park is a small protected area, occupying only about 650 km². Established in 1996, the park was named after the wonderful cardones bush formations. The park is also known for the dinosaur tracks andfossil remains of extinct animals which can be found here. The landscapes are picturesque, being dominated by mountains and hills.

Los Cardones National Park Justin Otto/Flickr

Los Cardones National Park ©Justin Otto/Flickr

The Calilegua National Park

The beautiful Calilegua National Park is situated in the Jujuy Province, in North Argentina. The park was actually established to protect the large amount of biodiversity which makes part of the Southern Andean ecoregion. The national park has picturesque landscapes and is very attractive for tourists, especially for those willing to practice active tourism and ecotourism. 

The Lanín National Park

Created to protect the Lanín Volcano and the forests of diverse species of tree, including conifers and Fagaceae for example, the park occupies over 370.000 hectares. Some of the tree species can not be found anywhere else in Argentina. The surrounding are of the park is also popular among tourists.

Lanin National Park DoNotLick/Flickr

Lanin National Park ©DoNotLick/Flickr

The Lago Puelo National Park

The breathtaking Lago Puelo National Park is located in the region of Patagonia, in Chubut Province. It was named after its astonishing lake – the Puelo Lake. The park protects its astonishing landscape and it is characterized by wet and cold climate. This wonderful national park is extremely popular among tourists.

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