Most productive wine regions in Argentina

Wine Glasses at The Vines of Mendoza


Did you know that Argentina belongs to the world’s top 5 largest wine producing countries? As the title suggests in the following topic we will compile the most productive wine regions in Argentina. Weather you are a tourist visiting Argentina or a person who has a passion for good quality wines, this short guide will help you to find the perfect region which produces wines that matches to your tastes and to your budget as well. Argentina is a geographically varied country, its mineral rich soils and ideal climate contribute to the growing quality grapes. There are a number of excellent grapes produced in the country. Some of them are: Malbec-Red grapes, brought by the French, Torrentes– white grapes, known as the queen of the grapes and Cabarnet Sauvignon-red, grown almost everywhere in the country.


Vineyards in Mendoza, Wine Country Argentina

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This region is responsible for producing over 80% of total wine production. It is the most popular wine region in Argentina; its secret might be in the region’s sunny climate, its altitude and its varied soil. It is divided in 3 main parts: Northern part, Center and the South. Each have its particularity regarding in some specific traits to its wine. The melt water from the Andes irrigates the wines. The region produces the best wines of Argentina: Malbecs, Cabarnet, Merlot, Chardonnay and Sauvignon.


The landscape of Salta


Situated on the Northern part of Argentina it is another well know region producing quality wines. Cabarnet, Sauvignon and Torrontes are the brands produced in Salta. Sunny days and ideal soil both contribute to developing famous quality wines. The small amount of rain is just enough to produce excellent grapes in the region.

Rio Negro

Rio Negro it is a part of Patagonia. Along the apples and pears, wines are important export of this region as well. Due to the perfect soil and ideal weather condition this region produce huge amount of wines. The soil of the region makes it suitable for growing white grapes as well. Riesling, Chardonity , Melbac  and Pinot Noir are some of the most prominent wines of Rio Negro. The region it  gained its reputation for its Merlot and Pinot Noir wines.

San Juan

It is a desert like region and its conditions is perfect for the production of Syrah and Viognier. San Juan has a spectacular landscape, in a valley surrounded by mountains. Because its small amount of rain falls annually; there are a dam and reservoir on the region in order to produce aromatic wines. The dam has an important rol for  supplying  the local’s electricity.


Tucuman is among the top wine region in Argentina. It produces Malbec, Caburnet Sauvignon, Merlot and Tannat for domestic market. Because of the delightful landscape, it is a popular destination for tourists. The surrounded mountains offer hiking for sport lovers. It is the perfect place if you want to visit a region which has a long history in Argentina. On The Independence Day the region hosts parade, speeches and concerts, gathering people from different parts of the world.

 Hope you will find this short guide useful and gives you some clues to find where to start your journey in Argentina. Without further ado, all of these regions in the country have amazing scenery,just wanting to be discovered.

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