Most Upscale Shopping Malls in Buenos Aires

Galerias Pacifico

©Fisrt Ronaldo Miranda, compositor/flickr

Weather you are looking for merchandise to buy unique souvenirs or fancy dresses or you just want to delve in the paradise of shopping centers to pass your time, without any doubt, the Buenos Aires shops satisfies all your needs. With their worldwide known brand stores, amazingly built architectural structures and several entertainment areas providing the heaven for both shopaholic and non-shopaholic visitors. So here is a list with the most upscale shopping malls in Buenos Aires to set your mood to hit as many as possible from them.


Abasto Shopping Moll at dusk,Buenos Aires,Argentina


The Abasto shopping center is one of the biggest shopping malls in Buenos Aires. Having a look at its design, being 1930 s Art Deco architecture it draws not just shopping fans but any other’s attention who are interested about the structural side of this significant building. It hosts hundreds of world- famous brands. In front of the mall stands the famous tango singer Carlos Gardel’s statue.  The shopping center has various activities in order to entertain the visitors. Some of them are the cinema: Hoyts, A Museo de Los Ninos, which is a huge wheel on which kids can play and it also has a large amusements arcade with games machines.

Alto Palermo Shopping Mall

It is another favorite shopping center holding over 150 trendy shops, bars and restaurants and a playing area for kids. Although regarding to the structural design of the building, it is not a specially designed building at all, however visitors in one place can find anything, that they are looking for,it is a favorite spot among the locals for hang-outs after a busy day.

Galerias Pacifico

Galerias Pacífico - Buenos Aires

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It is a unique shopping center with over 150 leading brands. It is the most representative shopping mall in Argentina, the most visited spot for shopping and admiring the artistic values embodied in this mall. In 1989 it was declared National Historic Monument with its splendid and flourishing shopping venues and because of its wonderful architectural design. Its dome was painted in a muralist style contributing to the wonderful fresco’s on the ceiling.

Paseo Alcorta

Having an Avant-Garde architectural design it is ranked among the best shopping centers in Buenos Aires. It is located in one of the most beautiful part of the city in Palermo Chico. It showcases favorite Argentine and world-wide known brands, ritzy food court and a great cinema complex, so for visitors this shopping center offers really everything.

Patio Bullrich

 Patio Bullrich, Buenos Aires

©Ronaldo Miranda, compositor/flickr

Situated in one of the most expensive area of Buenos Aires, surrounded by luxurious hotels, the Patio Bullrich shopping center with its elegant style is considered to be the most upscale shopping mall in the city. The shopping center host precious wine stores, cafe and restaurants, movie theater and family amusement centers as well.


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