Must-see sights in Salta

Cachi landscape jikatu/Flickr

Cachi landscape ©jikatu/Flickr

As you probably know it, the Argentine province of Salta is an extremely colorful region. It is abundant in cultural and natural tourist attractions. The predominant sights which are attractive for tourists are the natural ones. I have already presented you several aspects relating to this area. Below I will present you the must-see sights of Salta, including Cachi, the volcano of Llullaillaco, the Tren a las Nubes, the town of Cafayate and the salt flats of Salta. All these sights are breathtaking attractions of the province. Visiting one of them is a remarkable experience, but visiting all of them is surely something special. If you want to have an unforgettable journey, visit the province of Salta.


Cachi is a small town and also the name of a mountain in the province of Salta. The mountain is very popular among climbers, because the temperature in the region is usually mild and the sky is almost always clear. Cachi is also well-known for presenting one of the world’s highest vineyards named the Bodegas Colome. Cachi is with no doubt a must-see sight in Salta.

Cachi landscape jikatu/Flickr

Cachi landscape ©jikatu/Flickr


The breathtaking Llullaillaco volcano is a major highlight of the province of Salta. The world’s second highest volcano is very attractive for nature-lovers. It is also known as a site where Inca mummies were found.

The Tren a las Nubes

Also named the Train to the Clouds, the touristic train takes you from the city of Salta to a height of 4.420 m, ending its route at the La Polvorilla Viaduct. The railway is one of the highest of its kind in the world. It attracts thousands of passengers yearly who have the occasion to admire breathtaking sceneries during the journey.

Train to the Clouds nicomendoza84/Flickr

Train to the Clouds ©nicomendoza84/Flickr


Cafayate is a wonderful wine-town situated in the Cachaqui Valleys, Salta. It is an important tourist destination of the province thanks to the location of the town inside the valley. Calchaqui Valleys are considered important wine producing areas which present astonishing vineyards and wine cellars. If you are a lover of wines, especially Argentine wines, a visit to Cafayate can make you an unforgettable experience.

The salt flats of Salta

A unique landscape of the province is represented by the salt flats of Salta. The enormous territory is very attractive for tourists. A paved road leads across this huge area named Salinas Grandes. This way, the visitors can have perfect views over the area. The salt flats of Salta are some of the most unique and most recognizable landmarks of the entire country.

Salta salt flats J-Cornelius/Flickr

Salta salt flats ©J-Cornelius/Flickr

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