Shopping experiences in Argentina

Bottles of Argentine wine mckaysavage/Flickr

Bottles of Argentine wine ©mckaysavage/Flickr

Shopping always makes an important part of a holiday to a foreign country. Nobody visits a country without buying some local products, souvenirs or art crafts before traveling home. If your next holiday destination is the fantastic South American country, Argentina, I recommend you to read the following guide. Below I will present you some great shopping spots of the country. Shopping experiences in Argentina will surely make you an unforgettable holiday. Books, leather products, the Mate, wine, Tango music CDs, football relics and art crafts make the best souvenirs from Argentina. Where to buy them? Read on to find it out.

Shopping malls

There are numerous fantastic shopping malls over the country, with the best and most popular ones located in the largest cities. Buenos Aires has the largest and best-known shopping malls, including the Galerías Pacífico, the Abasto de Buenos Aires, Paseo la Plaza, Alto Palermo, Patio Bullrich and so on.

Patio Olmos is the most important shopping mall of Córdoba, while Mendoza Plaza Shopping and Palmares Open Mall are the most famous ones in Mendoza city. You’ll find anything you are looking for in these malls.


There are numerous markets all over Argentina. From food markets to flower markets, you’ll find a large variety of markets here. Besides, you will find great art crafts and local products at these markets. Leather products, bags, antiques, paintings, clothing, jewelry, shoes, souvenirs, books and fresh food are just some products you can find at the markets. A great thing about these shopping spots is that the prices are considerably lower than in the stores.

Different souvenirs from Argentina Dvortygirl/Flickr

Different souvenirs from Argentina ©Dvortygirl/Flickr

Wine boutiques

Wine makes one of the most popular souvenirs and best-sells of Argentina. If you are a wine-lover, you can not miss to buy at least one bottle of Malbec wine. There are several vineyards, vineries and wine boutiques in Argentina, especially in the region of Mendoza.

Buenos Aires is also abundant in wine boutiques. Some of the most popular ones are the following: the Wine Gallery, Lo de Joaquin Alberdi, La Bodega del Pintor, Arte y Vino and so on. You will surely find quality wines in these boutiques.

Bottles of Argentine wine mckaysavage/Flickr

Bottles of Argentine wine ©mckaysavage/Flickr


There are innumerable shops of all kinds in the country. From leather stores to bookshops, from delicacy shops to jewelry shops, from souvenir shops to shops selling Mate, yerba and bombillas, you will find anything you are looking for. Buy some great souvenirs and make your beloved ones happy!

Mate jsanc623/Flickr

Mate ©jsanc623/Flickr






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