Short Travel Guide to Ushuaia



What do you think, which is the southernmost city on the planet where there is 18 hours sunlight in the summer and less than 8 hours in the winter? If you are thinking about an Argentine city and your answer is Ushuaia, you are right. Ushuaia, has everything for everyone in its surrounding area; forests, mountains, glaciers, so it is a real treasure trove for nature lovers. Our short travel guide to Ushuaia will help you learn a bit more about the city and its surrounding area, so check it out and “reach the end of the world”.

A short description about Ushuaia

As we already said, Ushuia is considered to be the southernmost city on the planet. “Ushuaia” means “bay looking onto the West”, in the Yámana-Indians language, the original inhabitants of the area. Located on the shores of the Beagle Channel, framed by the Mount Martial on the West and Mounts Olivia and Cinco Hermanados on the East part, Ushuaia has breathtaking scenery and a picturesque colorful city. The city was founded in 1884,when American Missionary Society arrived to evangelize the natives. Today the city is a very popular tourist city with international airport and cruise part.

Ushuaia city tour

 Beagle Channel Ushuaia


The tour begins along the Coastal Avenue, bordering the wonderful Beagle Channel. If you follow the avenue, you can get to the port and then to the popular Nautical Club. For a magnificent view, you should follow the catwalk and get to the Skating rink a popular winter resort. Following the Malvinas Argentinas street you can reveal the reconstruction of the old town, a must see attraction is the historical Beban House. Going along the main street of San Martin, you will find the historical jail. The prison is a part of the city’s history, as the prisoners where the first settlers of the area.  The Jail today is known as the Museo del Presidio where you can even find the wax statues of the most famous criminals of the jail.

Activities in Ushuaia

Because of its convenient location, the city and its surrounding area allows visitors to enjoy forests, mountains and sea at the same holiday, so it offers a variety of things to do. In winter Cerro Castor’s Ski Center found in the downtown is a very famous winter resort. Hiking, biking, horse riding, mountain biking, sport fishing and amazing voyages along the Beagle Channel to the Lapataya Bay are all must do activitie in the region.

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