Spend a weekend in Buenos Aires

The Recoleta Cemetery Andrew Currie/Flickr

The Recoleta Cemetery ©Andrew Currie/Flickr

If you don’t have more time than three days to spend in Buenos Aires, but you would like to see as many things as you can during these days, I recommend you to read the following guide. Below I will give you some useful info relating to how to see as many sights as you can in this fantastic city. If you don’t know the city well or you are interested in the best sights or the best options for sightseeing, this article is a must-read before traveling to Buenos Aires. I will present you the best attractions of the city, the most famous neighborhoods, the best museums and also the best dining options, ‘cause you’ll have to eat somewhere after an exhausting day of sightseeing. Just read on!


Are you planning to spend a weekend in Buenos Aires? Here are some tips for a visit of three days which starts Friday afternoon. You have to arrive in Buenos Aires at 14:00-15:00 to have enough time for a great sightseeing tour. In case you would like to make a general view of Buenos Aires, the best thing you can do is to make part of a city bus tour.

The complete tour takes about 3 hours and 15 minutes. It won’t be exhausting, as you won’t have to walk, although passengers can get off the bus at some points. The bus will stop in the most popular neighborhoods of the city, including Palermo, Recoleta, San Telmo and so on. You will see great landmarks, bars, tango, books, sports and so on. After the bus tour I recommend you to have dinner at the fantastic restaurant, La Paila. Even llama meat can be ordered in La Paila.

The Water Palace, Buenos Aires  blmurch/Flickr

The Water Palace, Buenos Aires ©blmurch/Flickr


Get up early to visit as many sights as you can. You can start your day by visiting the fantastic National Museum of Fine Arts for example. It will be a great experience, especially if you are an art-lover. You can get out on Plaza Francia and buy some souvenirs like art crafts. Have lunch at the fantastic La Cabaña Restaurant. It offers excellent dishes.

You can continue your weekend by relaxing in the gorgeous Japanese Gardens of Buenos Aires. It will be a great activity for Saturday. After filling up your energy levels, you can visit the fantastic Recoleta Cemetery. It may sound weird, but the cemetery represents one of the most important tourist attractions of the city. Have dinner at Puerta Cerrada. It’s a not-to-miss restaurant of the city.

The Recoleta Cemetery Andrew Currie/Flickr

The Recoleta Cemetery ©Andrew Currie/Flickr


As for your third day, start your visit with the Bosques de Palermo (Rose Garden) of the city. It’s a great start for a beautiful Sunday. If you prefer museums, you can visit the National Decorative Art Museum. In case you don’t, visit San Telmo. Its antique fair will surely amaze you. Enjoy a steak dinner in any of the numerous parillas.

San Telmo fair Jeka Toyota/Flickr

San Telmo fair ©Jeka Toyota/Flickr


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