Spend your Christmas in Buenos Aires

Galerias Pacifico at Christmas ©blmurch/Flickr

Buenos Aires is one of the world’s best destinations to spend your Christmas at. The whole city turns into a huge Christmas wonderland. As the majority of Argentine people are Roman Catholic, it is obvious that the most important Christian feast gets a great significance here. The decorations are breathtaking and the visitors are amazed by the gorgeous traditions of the city.

If you are planning a trip to Argentine capital city but you haven’t decided when to do it, I suggest you to spend your Christmas in Buenos Aires. You will surely be satisfied by the festive atmosphere and will have a magical and memorable Christmas. Do you want to find out more about this feast in Buenos Aires before traveling? All you have to do is to read on.

The highlights

In the last weeks of November the whole city turns into a richly decorated Christmas tree. There are numerous decorations and Christmas trees all around the city. The shops and shopping malls are also richly decorated, attracting the visitors to purchase many fantastic gifts. One of the highlights of the city is the huge Christmas tree at Galerías Pacífico where you can take a photograph with the imitations of Santa Claus and Maradona. Another gorgeous tree can be seen at the Alto Palermo Shopping Mall. If you are traveling with your children, I suggest you to take them to the mall. They will have the occasion to see Santa Claus “flying in the air” with his sleigh pulled by the reindeers. It is undoubtedly a great experience for them. The major avenues of the city are also beautifully decorated. Make a walk on any them and get filled with the spirit of Christmas.

Galerias Pacifico at Christmas ©blmurch/Flickr

The traditions

As in case of the majority of Christian states, the Christmas in Argentina is about people gathering on Christmas Eve, decorating the Christmas tree, children expecting for Santa Claus bringing them the desired presents. The Christmas tree must be decorated on Christmas Eve, the 24th of December. Besides the tree, everything has to be ready: the decoration, the festive dinner and the gifts wrapped. Traditional foods are “La Parrillada” (a grilled meat) and “Pan Dulce” (sweet bread) among others. As for the religious traditions, people go to church to share the famous midnight mass, just like in case of many Christian countries.

La Parrillada ©dr_pablogonzalez/Flickr

Christmas as an attraction in Buenos Aires

As many cities, Buenos Aires attracts dozens of visitors at Christmas. The shops are full of tempting seasonal goodies and outstanding presents. Some people opt for traveling in a foreign country for Christmas and spend some magical days experiencing local traditions and eating local foods. Spending your Christmas in Buenos Aires is with no doubt a fantastic experience.

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