The best Argentine dances

Argentine tango dancers prayitno/Flickr

Argentine tango dancers ©prayitno/Flickr

Dance in Argentina is an important part of the local culture. There are several forms of dance which originated in Argentina. The most popular one is the Argentine tango, while other forms of dance are: zamba, milonga, chacarera, chamame, cuarteto and so on. If you love to dance and you are planning a trip to Argentina, this article is the best source of information for you. Below I will present the best Argentine dances and their characteristics. Read on to find out more about these popular dances and after you arrive to Argentina, you can opt for some dance lessons. I guarantee you will enjoy the vivid rhythms.



The Argentine tango is the most popular form of dance in the country. It is actually a social dance of which music and lyrics are characterized by nostalgia. It originated in the suburbs of the capital city, in the 19th century. The tango’s popularity grew quickly and today it is worldwide famous. Tango music can be danced in an open embrace or a very closed one. It actually involves a walk with your partner. Improvisation also plays an important role in dancing tango. There are different styles of Argentine tango, including tango canyengue, salon tango, tango nuevo, tango orillero, tango tradicional and so on. Argentine tango is very popular among tourists. They love to learn this dance or to watch the locals while they dance.

Argentine tango dancers prayitno/Flickr

Argentine tango dancers ©prayitno/Flickr


The national dance of Argentina is the zamba. Do not be confused by the word “zamba”, because it has nothing to do with the “samba”. The zamba has six beats and it actually presents a couple who circles each other and waves their white handkerchiefs elegantly. It is actually a slow and elegant dance. Today visitors of Argentina can frequently see zamba dancers in the streets. The zamba is also danced during every Argentine festival and folklore party.

Argentine festival

Argentine festival ©


Milonga actually uses the basic elements of tango dance. Although, it requires a better controlled movement of the body and legs which is usually faster. There are no pauses made. It can be described simply as a “rustic” form of tango. Just like in case of tango dance, there are also different styles of Milonga: the “Milonga Lisa” and the “Milonga con Traspié”.


Also originating in Argetina, the chacarera is actually a genre of folk music. The dance includes two sections, A section and B section. During the first section the male dancer circles around his partner and “seduces” her waving a handkerchief and stomping his feet. It is a very interesting genre of dance. You will surely like it.

Dancing Chacarera ANSESGOB/Flickr

Dancing Chacarera ©ANSESGOB/Flickr


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