The best attractions of Recoleta

Recoleta Cemetery, photo by Andrew Currie/Flickr

Recoleta is a downtown area of the Argentine capital city, Buenos Aires. It is of a big architectural and historical importance, due to the Recoleta Cemetery, among others. The district is also a significant tourist destination and cultural centre of Buenos Aires. Recoleta is home to numerous magnificent tourist attractions, such as museums, parks, buildings, cultural centres, sculptures and so on. The Recoleta Cemetery is a major attraction for tourists. Yes, you read it well. It might sound weird that a cemetery is a tourist attraction, but Recoleta Cemetery is home to some outstanding tombstones of notable people. If you would like to find out more about this district, read on.

Recoleta Cemetery

Including the breathtaking graves of famous personalities, the Recoleta cemetery is one of the most visited tourist attraction of the district. The famous cemetery contains more than 4600 vaults. About 90 of these are considered National Historical Monuments. The Neoclassical gates at the entrance, with huge Doric columns are spectacular. Some of the major highlights of the cemetery are the fantastic marble mausoleums, most of which were built in Baroque, Art Nouveau and Neo-Gothic styles.

Recoleta Cemetery, photo by Andrew Currie/Flickr

The National Museum of Fine Arts

The fantastic museum opened its doors to the public in 1895. At that time it was housed in another building. Later, in 1933, it was transferred to the actual building. The museum houses a great collection of fine arts, including works that range from the Middle Ages to the 20th century. It attracts a huge number of about 1 million visitors each year, being one of the most popular tourist attractions of Recoleta.

The National Museum of Fine Arts, photo by Liam Quinn/Flickr

Recoleta Cultural Centre

As I already mentioned it, Recoleta is an important cultural centre. The Recoleta Cultural Centre houses exhibitions of sculptures, workshops, artistic presentations and different cultural events, such as concerts. The building which houses the Cultural Centre is one of the oldest buildings of the city. It was completed in 1716. The centre plays an important role in citizens’ lives. The performances, the exhibitions and the events always attract dozens of visitors.

Plaza Francia

Another significant spot of Recoleta is the square named Plaza Francia. It can be found opposite the cemetery. Since the 1960’s, a fantastic fair named “feria hippie” had made the square very popular. The fair is very famous nowadays among visitors who can purchase all kinds of handicrafts here, such as sandals, ethnic jewelry, spices, candles, leather goods and so on.

Statues in Recoleta

It is considered that Recoleta has more statues than any district in the world. There are some magnificent statues and sculptures here, such as “The Archer”, “The Last Centaur”, “The Nude Male Torso” and works by numerous prestigious sculptors. The cemetery is also home to numerous outstanding statues, just like the Basilica of Nuestra Señora del Pilar.

Statue on the Plaza Francia, photo by barbutti/Flickr



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