The best attractions of the Sierras de Córdoba

Mount Champaquí Agent 1994/Flickr

Mount Champaquí ©Agent 1994/Flickr

The Sierras de Córdoba is a spectacular mountain range situated in the central part of Argentina, which lies almost totally on the surface of Córdoba Province. The area is very popular among visitors, including numerous natural attractions and fantastic settlements. The mountain range is considered one of the most significant tourist destinations of the country. Almost three million tourists visit the area every year. The major destinations in the Sierras are the following: Alta Gracia, La Falda, Villa Carlos Paz, Villa General Belgrano and Cosquín. Among the natural attractions of the area are Mount Champaquí and Salinas Grandes. Read on to find out more about the best attractions of the Sierras de Córdoba.

Mount Champaquí

The highest peak of Mount Champaquí is 2790 m high. The mountain is extremely popular among nature-lovers and climbers. Besides personal excursions, there are also organized tours to Mount Champaquí. You can opt for a tour by your own or accompanied by a guide and a small group. Whatever you choose, you will surely have a great time and a memorable experience in the beautiful mountains.

Mount Champaquí Agent 1994/Flickr

Mount Champaquí ©Agent 1994/Flickr

Salinas Grandes

It is actually a salt desert occupying an area of about 8.290 km². Salinas Grandes is of industrial importance, but it can be very interesting for visitors. The area is famous for its potassium and sodium mines.

Salinas Grandes J-Cornelius/Flickr

Salinas Grandes ©J-Cornelius/Flickr

Alta Gracia

As one of the most significant tourist destinations of Sierras de Córdoba, the city of Alta Gracia is home to numerous visitor attractions. The most beautiful sights in the city are the following: “El Tajamar” (a man-made lake), the Railroad outdoor museum, Manuel de Falla’s Museum, the Clock Tower, Lourdes Virgin’s Sanctuary (the replica of the one in France) and so on. The city is also home to six Estancias (residences) of the Jesuit Block and Estancias of Córdoba spread all over Córdoba Province.

Estancia Alta Gracia kevin.j/Flickr

Estancia Alta Gracia ©kevin.j/Flickr

La Falda

The town of La Falda is a major tourist destination of the region. It lies at the foot of Cerro La Banderita and Cerro El Cuadrado mountains, being set in an attractive landscape. The amazing town includes such visitor attractions like the “Eden Hotel” which is today a museum and historic site; the colonial castle of “El Silenco”, the 7 Cascades natural park and so on.

Villa Carlos Paz

Situated in the southern part of the Punilla Valley, the city of Villa Carlos Paz is considered the most significant city and also the most important tourist destination of the region. The natural attractiveness of the city is given by the beautiful San Roque Lake.

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