The best budget hotels in Argentina

Buenos Aires budget hotel hollandcanada/Flickr

Buenos Aires budget hotel ©hollandcanada/Flickr

Are you traveling to Argentina this year? Will you travel on a limited budget? If the answers are “yes”, I have some good news for you: you’ve found the perfect guide. Before you visit a foreign country, it is good to find out some useful information relating to the accommodation, local transport, the local currency, local culture and must-see sights.

Below I will present you the best budget hotels in Argentina. Whether you are looking for a good budget hotel, a hostel or a guesthouse, you have to read the following guide. Although the prices are lower and the services are not included in the All Inclusive category, these hotels offer good facilities and services. It is absolutely worth staying at one of them and saving some money.

Buenos Aires budget accommodation

Would you like to visit the Argentine capital city, but you don’t have enough money to stay at a luxury hotel? I have good news for you: Buenos Aires offers excellent budget hotels. Some of the best ones are the following: Hostel One, Chill House, Petit Hotel El Vitraux Guesthouse, Circus Hostel&Hotel, The Hostel-Inn Buenos Aires, Milhouse Hipo, America del Sur Hostel Buenos Aires, Hostel Estoril and so on.

Buenos Aires budget hotel hollandcanada/Flickr

Buenos Aires budget hotel ©hollandcanada/Flickr

Cordoba budget accommodation

If your destination is the fantastic city of Cordoba, than choose of the following budget accommodation options: Tango Hostel, Cordoba 4 Beds Hostel, Alvear Hostel, Home Abroad Guesthouse, Ochoa Host Family, Babilonia Hostel, N’aike Guest House, Che Salguero Youth Hostel and others. Choose any of these and you will surely have a pleasant stay and you will also save money.

Mendoza budget accommodation

Mendoza – the important wine centre of Argentina is not dedicated only to rich tourists. Anyone can visit this astonishing city, even on a limited budget. There are numerous options for budget accommodation in the city, including the Hotel Aragon, Savigliano International Hostel, Hostel Empedrado, Chalet Parque Central Guesthouse, Lagares Hostel, Los Varietales Guesthouse and so on.

Mendoza budget hotel Tjeerd/Flickr

Mendoza budget hotel ©Tjeerd/Flickr

Bariloche budget accommodation

July is a great winter month in South America, perfect for practicing ski in the fantastic ski resort San Carlos de Bariloche. If you’ve always dreamt of a great ski holiday to South America, but you have limited budget, you don’t have to be worry.

Bariloche offers some excellent budget accommodation options, including the following: Hotel Argentino del Sur, Hostel 41 Below, Periko’s Youth Hostel, Alaska Hostel, Antiguo Solar B&B, Green House Hostels, Hosteria Las Marianas Guesthouse, Bariloche Hostel and so on.

Bariloche budget hotel room pululante/Flickr

Bariloche budget hotel room ©pululante/Flickr

Ushuaia budget accommodation

Is your destination the southernmost city of the world, Ushuaia? In case it is, I suggest you to choose one of the following budget accommodation options: Aijpel Bed and Breakfast, Antarctica Hostel, Las Retamas B&B, Cruz del Sur Hostel, La Casa en Ushuaia, Cabañas del Hain Apartment and others.

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