The best budget hotels in Buenos Aires

B&B hotel in Buenos Aires blmurch/Flickr

B&B hotel in Buenos Aires ©blmurch/Flickr

Buenos Aires is a major commercial and business centre of South America. Besides, the immense city is also an important tourist destination. As the huge city attracts numerous businessmen and tourists each year, it is obvious that Buenos Aires is abundant in luxurious, mid-range and budget hotels. In one of my previous guides I have already presented you the best luxury hotels of the city. Below I will present you the best budget hotels of Buenos Aires, including the Pop Hotel, Abode, Lola House, Bed and Breakfast Ada & Valentyn and Casa los Angelitos. Read on to find out some useful info relating to these budget hotels. Maybe you’ll find one of these if you visit Buenos Aires.

Pop Hotel

The first budget boutique hotel of Buenos Aires is the fantastic Pop Hotel. The hotel’s design is dominated by pop art. It can be found in the Villa Crespo neighborhood of Buenos Aires. It offers 44 rooms to its guests. It is fresh and urban, great for young travelers. Double rooms’ prices start from £57 per night. (November 2013) Modern extras are included in the price, such as a security safe or an iPod dock.

B&B hotel in Buenos Aires blmurch/Flickr

B&B hotel in Buenos Aires ©blmurch/Flickr


Located in the heart of Palermo Soho (home to great boutiques, restaurants and bars), the fantastic British-run B&B named Abode is a great choice. Hosts are very friendly, being renowned for their local knowledge. There is an immense and gorgeous 50-square-metre grand suite here that makes you feel like having your own apartment. Breakfast is served on the beautiful upstairs terrace. Double rooms’ prices also start from £57 per night B&B. (November 2013)

Lola House

The colonial building which houses the budget hotel named Lola House is easily recognizable, as it is painted sun yellow. It is located in a less-known barrio of the city, Boedo. Offering 12 en suite rooms, the hotel is a great choice. Its decorations including Spanish tiles and stained glass windows give the hotel a unique personality. As for the prices of rooms, singles start from £57, doubles from £70 and triples from £86. (November 2013)

B&B hotel room in Buenos Aires demiante/Flickr

B&B hotel room in Buenos Aires ©demiante/Flickr

Bed and Breakfast Ada & Valentyn

A great B&B of Buenos Aires is the Bed and Breakfast Ada & Valentyn. With vintage furniture, wooden floors and high ceilings, the hotel offers a great atmosphere. Besides, it has a great location, a few blocks from Plaza de Mayo. The budget hotel is a great choice if you want to save money. Doubles start from only £35, while singles start from £22. (November 2013)

Casa los Angelitos

Last, but not least great is the Casa los Angelitos. Although breakfast is not included, the hotel is a great choice for everyone who wants to save money. You can use the kitchen to prepare yourself something to eat. The hotel is attractive for guests of all ages. It is extremely cheap, with double rooms starting from £13 per person per night. (November 2013)

B&B hotel's garden in Buenos Aires demiante/Flickr

B&B hotel’s garden in Buenos Aires ©demiante/Flickr



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