The best cafes and coffee shops in Buenos Aires

Coffee at Mama Racha, Buenos Aires LWY/Flickr

Coffee at Mama Racha, Buenos Aires ©LWY/Flickr

If you love coffee and you visit the city of Buenos Aires, the following guide is your perfect source of information. I will present you the best cafés and coffee shops in Buenos Aires. There are several cafes and coffee shops in the Argentine capital city which are extremely popular among both local people and visitors. It is good to know that in most of the cafes in Buenos Aires smoking is not allowed. Also, coffees are not served in tall and skinny cups, the usual ones are black, short coffees with lots of sugar and eventually milk. In addition, whatever your preferences are, you will surely find at least one café or coffee shop which will satisfy your expectations. Well, let’s see!

Café Iberia

The Café Iberia is considered the second oldest bar of the Argentine capital city, working since 1897. A great thing about this café is that it is open 24 hours a day. It is also a legal prostitution site of the city. The café is situated on the corner of Avenida de Mayo and Salta Congreso. Playwright Federico García Lorca also visited the venue several times as he lived for a while in the adjacent Castelar Hotel.

Café Tortoni

The fantastic coffee house of Buenos Aires named Café Tortoni can be found on the Avenida de Mayo 825. It is very popular among both local people and visitors, being considered as one of the world’s ten most beautiful cafes. The current location of the café is very attractive, the decoration being the original one. The building includes a library and guests have the opportunity of playing some games such as billiard, dice and dominoes. The coffee is great and the service is outstanding. I suggest you not to miss this coffee house.

Avenida de Mayo, Café Tortoni

Avenida de Mayo, Café Tortoni ©

Las Violetas

Situated on the Avenida Rivadavia 3899, the Las Violetas is with no doubt one of the best cafes in the city. This fantastic old-time venue is very popular among the lovers of coffee. The atmosphere is very pleasant, the venue being characterized by fantastic stained glass windows and beautiful ceilings. The waiters are dressed elegantly and they are very polite and helpful.

Confiteria London City

Another popular and famous café in Buenos Aires is the Confiteria London City located on the Avenida De Mayo 599. The service is excellent and you can also eat here. They offer almost every traditional dish, not to mention the fantastic coffee. The staff is professional and very kind. In addition, there is free wi-fi available in the venue. It is open even on Sundays.

Ateneo Grand Splendid

It is actually a fantastic coffee-bookstore of Buenos Aires. If you are a literature-lover willing to drink good coffee at the same time, you can not skip the Ateneo Grand Splendid in Recoleta. It is housed in an old theatre which raises the attractiveness of the place. The Ateneo Grand Splendid is undoubtedly a paradise for book lovers dependent of coffee.

Ateneo Grand Splendid, Buenos Aires Guillermo Tomoyose/Flickr

Ateneo Grand Splendid, Buenos Aires ©Guillermo Tomoyose/Flickr

Mama Racha

One of Palermo’s premier cafes, the Mama Racha is a must for the lovers of coffee. There is an upstairs terrace belonging to the café which is perfect for those who prefer peaceful atmosphere. Sit down, have a great coffee and watch the people passing by.

Coffee at Mama Racha, Buenos Aires LWY/Flickr

Coffee at Mama Racha, Buenos Aires ©LWY/Flickr


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