The best parks and gardens in Buenos Aires

Parque Tres de Febrero ©pandrcutts/Flickr

The vibrant city of Buenos Aires is a very prestigious tourist destination. The capital city of Argentina is also the largest city in the country and is home to some outstanding landmarks and tourist attractions. In one of the previous articles I have already presented the best landmarks of the city. The following article will include information about the best parks and gardens in Buenos Aires. Such a huge city must include green spaces therefore there are magnificent and large parks and gardens in Buenos Aires. The Parque Tres de Febrero, the Japanese Gardens and the Botanical Gardens are just three of the amazing green spaces in Buenos Aires. There is also a great zoological garden in the capital city.

The Parque Tres de Febrero

The urban park of Buenos Aires, the Parque Tres de Febrero is very popular among both local people and visitors. It is well-known for its beautiful rose gardens, picturesque lakes and groves. The park is very popular for those who would like to relax in picturesque landscape. The works on the park began in 1874 and was inaugurated in 1875. Later, in the early 20th century the park expanded and beautified. The park is popular among walkers and cyclers at the same time. As there are lakes in the grounds of the park, boating is also available. The City Planetarium can be also found on the grounds of the park, just as the Poets’ Garden with statues of famous poets like William Shakespeare.

Parque Tres de Febrero ©pandrcutts/Flickr

The Japanese Gardens

An outstanding garden of Buenos Aires is the Japanese Garden. It is considered the biggest of its kind in the world. The amazing Japanese Gardens were inaugurated in 1967. Since then the gardens have become very famous. The gardens include a gorgeous lake which is surrounded by Japanese plants and flowers, such as azalea, sakura, momiji and so on. The lake is populated with carp so visitors of the gardens can admire animals and fantastic plants at the same time. Other highlights of the gardens are the Japanese Peace Bell and granite sculptures.

The Japanese Gardens ©BrianMKA/Flickr

The Botanical Gardens

The amazing botanical garden occupies a huge surface and is home to more than 5.000 species of plants. There are also five greenhouses, monuments and sculptures in the garden. It is very popular among visitors due to the great variety of plants. There is an Oriental Garden, a French Garden and a Roman Garden here, too. The Buenos Aires Botanical Gardens have become a national monument in the 1990’s. The botanical garden is open every day from 08:00 to 18:00 and the admission is free. (November 2012)

Botanical Gardens ©pandrcutts/Flickr

Buenos Aires Zoo

A fantastic attraction of Buenos Aires is the zoo. It is home to about 2.500 animals of different species. The huge zoo is extremely popular among both local people and visitors of Buenos Aires. The highlights of the zoo are the Aquarium, the Farm of the Zoo, the Tropical Rainforest and so on. The zoo can be visited from Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 to 18:00. The ticket costs $ 6.75. (November 2012)


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