The best Patagonian provinces

View over San Carlos de Bariloche Matito/Flickr

View over San Carlos de Bariloche ©Matito/Flickr

Patagonia is actually the region situated in the southern part of the South American continent, shared by Chile and Argentina. Patagonia is an extremely attractive region for tourists. Many people visit Argentina to admire the Patagonian landscape. It includes a portion of the Andes Mountains, the Rio Negro and numerous scenic lakes. The Argentine Patagonian provinces are the following: La Pampa, Tierra del Fuego, Río Negro, Neuquén, Santa Cruz and Chubut. Below I will present you the best Patagonian provinces and the major highlights of these. If you are planning a journey to Patagonia, I am sure that you will have part of an unforgettable experience.

Río Negro Province

As one of the most popular Patagonian provinces, Río Negro attracts dozens of visitors. Occupying the northern edge of Patagonia, the province is abundant in tourist attractions. Its capital city is Viedma. The province includes two significant areas: a part of the Atlantic coast and a portion of the Andes which are considered the most popular areas among visitors. The major Andean tourist destination is the Nahuel Huapi National Park which is home to the famous resort, San Carlos de Bariloche. As for the Atlantic coast, the major resort is the town of Las Grutas which attracts thousands of visitors yearly.

View over San Carlos de Bariloche Matito/Flickr

View over San Carlos de Bariloche ©Matito/Flickr

Neuquén Province

The neighboring Neuquén Province is another fascinating region. Situated in the country’s western part, the province is at the northern tip of the Patagonian region. With several wonderful national parks and lakes, the province is a favorite for many nature-lovers. Some of the breathtaking national parks which can be found here are the following: the Nahuel Huapí National Park, the Los Arrayanes National Park, the Laguna Blanca National Park and the Lanín National Park. Some ski resorts also attract a large number of visitors during winter: Cerrro Bayo, Chapelco and others.

Chubut Province

Also including tow main regions, a portion of the Andes and the Atlantic coast, the province is a wonderful region to visit. Chubut Province is very famous for its peninsula named the Valdes Peninsula which attracts its visitors due to the abundant marine life. Visitors have the occasion to admire Eared seals, Magellanic Penguins and Southern right whales in their natural habitat. It is with no doubt an unforgettable experience. As for the Andean part, some impressive lakes and the Los Alerces National Park are the highlights of the region.

Seals at the Valdes Peninsula David Holt London/Flickr

Seals at the Valdes Peninsula ©David Holt London/Flickr

Tierra del Fuego Province

It is situated in the southernmost edge of the continent, being separated from the mainland by the Strait of Magellan. Visiting the Tierra del Fuego Province is with no doubt a memorable experience. The most popular tourist destinations are the following: the Tierra del Fuego National Park, Ushuaia, the beautiful Fagnano Lake, the Beagle Channel and the fascinating Museum of the End of the World.

Ushuaia racatumba/Flickr

Ushuaia ©racatumba/Flickr



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