The best restaurants in Buenos Aires

Cabaña Las Lilas, preparing the meat marissa_strniste/Flickr

Cabaña Las Lilas, preparing the meat ©marissa_strniste/Flickr

There are few destinations in South America which are more attractive than the buzzing city of Buenos Aires. The Argentine capital city is a favorite tourist destination for many travelers from all around the world. With excellent landmarks and visitor attractions, such as museums, historic buildings, parks and great entertainment options like Tango dance schools or great nightlife scenes, the city is a place where you surely can not get bored.

Are you planning a visit to Buenos Aires? If you are, it is important to find out which sights are worth visiting, which hotels are the best to stay at and which restaurants offer the most delicious food in the city. As for the first two aspects, I have already offered you useful info in my previous guides. Below I will present you the best restaurants in Buenos Aires.

Cabaña Las Lilas

If you would like to eat great steaks, I recommend you to choose the Cabaña Las Lilas. It is considered that the best steaks (parrilla) are prepared here, in this restaurant. The restaurant is large enough to accommodate 400 people, but it is always packed. The meat comes from the private estancia of the restaurant. It is open Sunday to Thursday from noon to 00:30, on Fridays and Saturdays from noon to 1:00. (November 2013)

Cabaña Las Lilas, preparing the meat marissa_strniste/Flickr

Cabaña Las Lilas, preparing the meat ©marissa_strniste/Flickr

Puerto Cristal

As one of the most elegant restaurants of Buenos Aires, Puerto Cristal is located in Puerto Madero. The environment is considered to be elegant and modern. In Puerto Cristal you can enjoy numerous specialties of seafood, fish, traditional meat and even home made pasta. They also offer price-winning wines in the restaurant. In case you would like to eat exclusive meals in an elegant restaurant and you don’t have to save money, I recommend you to choose the fantastic Puerto Cristal.

La Cabaña

The restaurant of La Cabaña is considered to be the most traditional restaurant of Buenos Aires. It was established in 1935 and it serves excellent Argentine beef on grill and great wine. The restaurant is very popular among both locals and tourists. Located in the district of Puerto Madero, the restaurant is open Monday to Sunday, from 12:00 to 1:00. (November 2013)

Steak jlastras/Flickr

Steak ©jlastras/Flickr

La Brigada

The friendly atmosphere of the La Brigada attracts numerous guests. It is also famous for its steaks. Excellent wines are also offered to the meats. The restaurant is located in San Telmo, on Estados Unidos. So, if you visit San Telmo and you get hungry, you can not miss to visit this fantastic restaurant.

La Brigada Restaurant LWY/Flickr

La Brigada Restaurant ©LWY/Flickr




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