The best sights in West Argentina

Puente del Inca flekoso/Flickr

Puente del Inca ©flekoso/Flickr

Argentina’s western part is abundant in fantastic visitor attractions, including Mendoza, San Juan, the Talampaya National Park, the Ischigualasto National Park, the Aconcagua Provincial Park, La Rioja, the Puente del Inca and others. In case you are planning a journey to the western part of the country, you surely won’t get bored. Visiting any of these attractions makes a unique, unforgettable experience, but visiting all of them is with no doubt something special. If you have enough time and money to make a tour of the best sights in West Argentina, I suggest you to do it as soon as you can. Before traveling read the following guide. It will surely help you with some useful information.


The wonderful Mendoza is one of the top tourist destinations in Argentina. Wine lovers will surely enjoy the journey, as Mendoza is the home of the best Argentine wines, including the Merlots and Malbecs.

Besides, the atmosphere of the capital city is a friendly one, as the city is a significant university town. Therefore, the nightlife is also vibrant and buzzing. The landscapes are dramatic, as the city is situated at the foot of the Andes. There are numerous tourist attractions in and around Mendoza.

Mendoza morrissey/Flickr

Mendoza ©morrissey/Flickr

San Juan

The beautiful city of San Juan is also surrounded by gorgeous mountains. It is also abundant in great visitor attractions, including its wonderful cathedral. The surroundings are also very attractive and there are vineyards, here, too. The fantastic Ischigualasto National Park can be accessible from the city. Tours take the visitors usually from San Juan.

The Ischigualasto and the Talampaya national parks

As some of the most spectacular and most popular national parks of Argentina, the Talampaya National Park and the Ischigualasto National Park are two of the highlights of West Argentina. Both protect some astonishing rock formations and Triassic remains.

Ischigualasto National Park/PabloPB

Ischigualasto National Park ©PabloPB/Flickr

The Aconcagua Provincial Park

Another protected area in West Argentina is the breathtaking Aconcagua Provincial Park. It is famous for the Americas’ tallest mountain, the astonishing Aconcagua. For nature-lovers it is with no doubt the best destination. There are several trails which can be followed and the landscapes are simply amazing. In case you would like to make a memorable experience, do not miss this one.

La Rioja

La Rioja is a magnificent city in the western part of the country. It has on offer numerous things to do and to see. The nightlife is buzzing, the city offering several bars and restaurants. The festivals are also unique, as the locals love to celebrate and create a special atmosphere.

Puente del Inca

The Puente del Inca is actually a natural bridge, formed of rock. It has a unique, mustard color and it is very attractive for visitors. Hot waters including sulfur are running beneath the surface.

Puente del Inca flekoso/Flickr

Puente del Inca ©flekoso/Flickr

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