The best ski resorts in Argentina

Chapelco Alicia Nijdam-Jones/Flickr

Chapelco ©Alicia Nijdam-Jones/Flickr

As the winter season in Argentina lasts from June to September, I considered a guide about the best ski resorts in Argentina should make you choose this astonishing country as a cool destination for practicing this sport. There are numerous excellent ski resorts in the country which could surely make you a memorable holiday. Chapelco, Cerro Catedral, Cerro Otto and Las Leñas are among the best resorts. These are very popular among both domestic and international tourists. The resorts are very well equipped and developed in terms of tourism. Choose any of the previously mentioned ones and you will surely have a memorable active holiday.


Also known as Cerro Chapelco, the massif located in the province of Neuquen is very popular among visitors. The resort is situated about 19 km of the famous town, San Martin de los Andes. The ski resort has become very famous in the 1970’s. Since then it attracts more and more tourists every year.

There is a ski and a snowboard school at Chapelco, dedicated to beginners. Besides, there are numerous fine restaurants here and a snowboard and ski rental centre, not to mention the further facilities and services. Chapelco is with no doubt one of the best ski resorts in Argentina.  

Chapelco Alicia Nijdam-Jones/Flickr

Chapelco ©Alicia Nijdam-Jones/Flickr

Cerro Catedral

The mountain of Cerro Catedral is located in Argentine Patagonia, more precisely in the Nahuel Huapi National Park, nearby the famous city of Bariloche. With one of South America’s biggest ski centers, the resort is very popular among the lovers of winter sports.

As for the facilities, the lift capacity is over 20.000 of skiers per hour. Besides skiing, the view over the magnificent Nahuel Huapi Lake is also gorgeous. At the foot of the mountain there are several good hotels and hostels dedicated to tourists. This resort is with no doubt a great choice. 

Cerro Catedral demiante/Flickr

Cerro Catedral ©demiante/Flickr

Cerro Otto

Situated also in the Nahuel Huapi National Park, Cerro Otto is another famous ski resort and mountain in Argentina. The mountain rises above 1.400 meters and is situated in the western part of the city centre of Bariloche. The snow cover is usually very deep, therefore dog sledding and cross-country skiing can be practiced every year for a couple of months.

Las Leñas

One of the largest ski resorts in the Andes, Las Leñas is a perfect choice for skiers. Situated in Mendoza Province, the resort attracts numerous visitors during the winter months (respective between June and mid October). The resort is very developed in terms of tourism, with excellent accommodation options, different services and ski facilities. If you want to make an unforgettable ski holiday, opt for the fantastic Las Leñas.

Las Lenas parq/Flickr

Las Lenas ©parq/Flickr

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