The best souvenirs from Argentina

Different souvenirs from Argentina Dvortygirl/Flickr

You definitely can not visit a foreign country without bringing home some souvenirs and gifts for the members of your family or your friends. Just watch their reaction as you handle the probably inexpensive souvenir. They will surely be very happy, because everyone loves to get gifts, especially if these are brought from a foreign country.

Argentina is an outstanding tourist destination, especially for Europeans. Its culture is different from our, although they have numerous souvenirs which are very attractive for us. Such souvenirs are the Mate, the Malbec Wine, different handmade crafts, tango music CDs, objects relating to football and so on. If you would like to bring home the best souvenirs from Argentina, read the following article to find out which are these.

The Mate

The Mate is a traditional drink of South America. You will surely meet it in every bar and subway station. It has a strange, green color and it is like the fusion of coffee and tea. Of course, there are souvenir sets of mate which are inexpensive, but make fantastic gifts for those who have never been to South America. At a price of about $2 you will get a mate flask, a bag of mate leaves and a “bombilla” which is actually a metal straw. You can also purchase special mate cups in the form of a bull horn or cow hoof.

Mate jsanc623/Flickr

The Malbec Wine

Another fantastic drink is the Malbec Wine. It will be with no doubt the best souvenir for your wine-lover friends. This type of wine is produced in the region of Mendoza. It is a red, fruity wine which is considered by many Argentina’s national wine. In spite of being a prestigious wine of Argentina, it can be purchased at a price of maximum $20.

Malbec Wines vonlohmann/Flickr

Handmade crafts

I am absolutely sure that the major part of tourists prefers to purchase handmade crafts on their vacation to foreign countries. It is like bringing home a part of the local culture. It is also the perfect way to present your relatives the respective country’s culture and traditions. You can buy clothings, pottery, jewelry and others which are offered by local people even on popular squares. These are not expensive at all, but make fantastic souvenirs.

Tango music CDs

The fascinating tango originated in Argentina. Thus, it is obvious that a tango music CD makes one of the best souvenirs from Argentina. These CDs can be purchased at the price of $2, cheap but fantastic souvenirs.

Different souvenirs from Argentina Dvortygirl/Flickr

Football relics

Football is undoubtedly one of the country’s biggest prides. You will find numerous shops selling the national team, blue and white striped T-shirts. What could be a better gift for a fan of football than such a T-shirt from Argentina?


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