The best theatres in Argentina

Teatro Colon concert hall

Teatro Colon concert hall ©

If the theatre is your thing and you are planning a visit to Argentina, I have good news to you! There are some excellent theatres in this South American country. The Argentine capital city is one of the greatest cities for theatre. If you are staying in Buenos Aires during your holiday, I suggest you not to miss to go to a theatre. The fantastic Teatro Colón is an important landmark of the country. The acoustics of the theatre is considered among the best ones in the world.

Other major theatres are the Teatro Nacional Cervantes, the Teatro General San Martín, the Teatro Opera and others. If you find this introduction convincing and would like to find out more about the best theatres in Argentina, read on.

Teatro Colón

The most significant theatre of Argentina is the Teatro Colón. It can be found in Buenos Aires and it is an internationally famous opera house. As I already mentioned it, the acoustics of the theatre is considered among the five best ones in the world. The theatre houses fantastic concerts, opera and ballet performances. If you would also like to watch a performance, you can buy a ticket from Monday to Saturday, from 10:00 to 20:00 and on Sunday from 10:00 to 19:00. (January 2013) I guarantee you it will be an unforgettable experience.

Teatro Colon concert hall

Teatro Colon concert hall ©

Teatro Nacional Cervantes

The national stage theatre of the country is the Teatro Nacional Cervantes. It can be found on the Cordoba Avenue, just two blocks of the Teatro Colón. It is also a spectacular theatre. The theatre contains three performance halls of which the main one is the María Guerrero Salon. It is also very popular among the lovers of theatre. You should make a reservation for a great performance.

Teatro Cervantes

Teatro Cervantes ©

Teatro Opera

The third theatre of Buenos Aires is the Teatro Opera. It is a great theatre and cinema of the capital city. Local people love it! The theatre is one of the highlights of the Corrientes Avenue.

Entrance of the Teatro Opera

Entrance of the Teatro Opera ©

Teatro General San Martín

Another theatre of the capital city is the fascinating Teatro General San Martín. It can be also found on the Corrientes Avenue. The venue is a significant theatre of Buenos Aires. It includes three performance halls: the Casacuberta Salon, the Martín Coronado Salon and the Cunill Cabanellas Chamber. The largest of the three is the Martín Coronado Salon. Besides, it includes a fantastic art exhibition.

Teatro Argentino de la Plata

Another important theatre of Argentina is the Teatro Argentino de la Plata. The building was constructed in brutalist style which is not preferred by local people. Although the main hall of the theatre and its acoustics are perfect.

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