The best tourist attractions in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires Obelisk, photo by David Berkowitz/Flickr

The most popular and largest city of the country, Buenos Aires is the capital city of Argentina. Being a large city, there are numerous attractive buildings in Buenos Aires, such as the famous Obelisk, the cathedral, the Water Company Palace, the National Congress, the Cabildo and so on. Besides, there are museums, parks, botanic gardens and churches in the beautiful city. Visitors of Buenos Aires need a couple of days to visit all of its attractions. If you are about to visit the wonderful city on your next holiday, read the following article which contains the best and most representative tourist attractions of Buenos Aires.

The Obelisk

The best-known landmark of Buenos Aires, the famous Obelisk stands on the Plaza de la República. It is a popular tourist attraction of the city. The construction of it began in 1936. The most representative building of the city is about 67 m tall and is usually associated with the entertainment and night. It has an entrance door and there are four windows on the top of it of which visitors can have great views over the city. The Obelisk is undoubtedly a must-see attraction of Buenos Aires.

Buenos Aires Obelisk, photo by David Berkowitz/Flickr

The Metropolitan Cathedral

The most significant Catholic church of Buenos Aires can be found in the city centre and overlooks the Plaza de Mayo. It is not a typical church building, with towers and immense entrances. The main façade of it is characterized by the presence of a portico and columns, resembling to a Roman temple. The interior of the cathedral is as astonishing as its exterior, with spectacular altarpieces and statues. It is a popular tourist attraction and a wonderful landscape of Buenos Aires.

Metropolitan Cathedral, photo by David Berkowitz/Flickr

The Water Company Palace

It is a magnificent palace of the city. Also known as the Palace of Flowing Waters, it was designed as a water pumping station. The beautiful building was built in Renaissance style and today houses a museum. It also houses several water company offices of which it got its name. The museum includes objects relating to the water pumping and treatment system. The palace is also very popular among tourists.

The National Congress

The National Congress is housed in a spectacular building, located on the Avenida de Mayo. It was built between 1898 and 1906 and is today one of the major landmarks of the city. The plaza where the building is situated is also famous amongst visitors. The wonderful building is surely a must-see attraction of the city.

National Congress Building, photo by Liam Quinn/Flickr

The Cabildo

The public building of Cabildo is a fantastic attraction of Buenos Aires. Today, it houses a museum named the National Museum of Cabildo. It contains artifacts, paintings, jewelry and clothes dating from the 18th century. It is one of the best-known tourist attractions of the capital city.


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