The best tours in Argentina

Mendoza wine Justin Ornellas/Flickr

Mendoza wine ©Justin Ornellas/Flickr

Argentina is a colorful tourist destination, being home to innumerable unique sights which are very attractive for visitors. From natural wonders to cultural landmarks, from wonderful cities to vineyards, from beaches to astonishing wildlife scenes, the country is abundant in fascinating destinations. Whatever your preferences are, you will surely find at least one destination to visit.

Visitors of Argentina can also make different tours, including art tours, walking tours, wine tours, food tours and so on. Are you also interested in making some kind of tour in Argentina? In case you are, I suggest you to read the following guide. Below I will present you the best tours you can opt for in Argentina.

Art tours

Argentina is famous for its art. You just have to visit Buenos Aires and you will understand what I am talking about. The different performances, the graffiti (which also makes part of contemporary art) and the traditional media artists make this country very famous and attractive for the lovers of art.

You just have to make a walk along the streets of Buenos Aires. You will see the mark of local artists on the city. San Telmo for example is the best destination for exploring art in Buenos Aires. You will meet some local artists and you can also visit many fantastic art galleries here.

Metal animal sculpture in San Telmo David Berkowitz/Flickr

Metal animal sculpture in San Telmo ©David Berkowitz/Flickr

Walking tours

Buenos Aires is the best place for some excellent walking tours. The city is abundant in visitor attractions and entertainment options. The best way to discover the city is by foot. Of course, you can tour the city by your own or you can make part of a group. The tours are quite cheap and you will get to know the city very well. Besides, it is a great way to make a bit of workout.

Waling in the Caminito Marc_Smith/Flickr

Waling in the Caminito ©Marc_Smith/Flickr

Wine tours

Argentina is the world’s fifth largest wine producer country. Local people are proud of their wines and you will surely find someone who will want to tell you everything about wine and perhaps share a glass with you.

Mendoza is the best-known for its wine tours and tastings, presenting breathtaking vineyards. Besides, there are also other vineyards in the country and you can make wine tours somewhere else, too, but I would still recommend you to choose Mendoza.

Mendoza wine Justin Ornellas/Flickr

Mendoza wine ©Justin Ornellas/Flickr

Food tours

Besides wine, food also makes an important attraction in Argentina. Beef, alfajones and empanadas are the major meals. Visitors of the country can also opt for food tours. Teresita’s Culinary Tour, the Buenos Aires food tours and the Tucuman Ruta de la Empanada are excellent tours. If you love to eat, choose one of these.

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