The best urban travel destinations in the province of Córdoba

Cordoba Cathedral ©Expat Bob/Flickr

The fantastic province of Córdoba can be found in the central part of Argentina. It occupies a surface of about 165.000 km² and is home to fantastic natural and cultural attractions. There are numerous cities and towns in the province which are visited by many tourists each year. The most significant and most beautiful city is the capital of the province, Córdoba. Other superb cities are Bell Ville, Alta Gracìa, Villa Maria and so on. If you would like to find out which are the best urban travel destinations in the province of Córdoba, read the following article. There will be presented not only the towns, but their best visitor attractions, too.


The beautiful and famous city of Córdoba is the capital of the province. It is also its major urban travel destination. The city lies at the foot of the Sierras Chicas. Córdoba is an important tourist destination, being home to some outstanding landmarks and sights. It is home to numerous historical monuments, museums, theatres, churches, parks and fantastic buildings. One of the major points of interest of the city is the World Heritage Site, the Jesuit Block of Córdoba. It contains the University of Córdoba, a church, a school and other beautiful buildings. Another gorgeous attraction is the Cathedral of Córdoba. Other sights include the Córdoba Gateway, the Los Capuchinos Church, the Sarmiento Park and so on. I suggest you not to miss this superb city if you visit the province of Córdoba.

Cordoba Cathedral ©Expat Bob/Flickr

Alta Gracìa

Situated closely to the city of Córdoba, Alta Gracia is another beautiful city built on the Sierras Chicas. The name of the city means “High Grace” in English. The major sights of Alta Gracia include the Jesuit Church, numerous museums, the Lourdes Virgin’s Sanctuary, the workshop of El Obraje, the old Clock Tower of the city, the man-made lake El Tajamar and so on. It is surely a great urban travel destination.

The Jesuit Church in Alta Gracia ©Adam Jones, Ph.D. – Global Photo Archive/Flickr

Bell Ville

The city of Bell Ville is situated is situated about 200 km of the capital of the province, in its southeastern part. The major activities of the city are the agriculture and the manufacturing of footballs. As for the attractions of the city, the parks, churches and monuments are the main points of interest.

Bell Ville ©

Villa Maria

Villa Maria is a beautiful city situated almost in the centre of the province. Besides the beautiful buildings of the city, there are numerous beautiful parks and museums in Villa Maria. Situated on the Tercero River’s left bank, the city presents beautiful landscapes.

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