The fantastic Villa la Angostura

Villa la Angostura, on the shores of the lake cgraphics2020/Flickr

Villa la Angostura, on the shores of the lake ©cgraphics2020/Flickr

Do you love nature and are you attracted by Argentina at the same time? If the answer is “yes” in both cases, I recommend you to visit the fantastic Villa la Angostura. It is actually a village located in the southern part of Neuquén Province, in the Andean Patagonia. The village is considered to be one of the main tourist destinations of this region. The village lies on the northwestern shore of the beautiful Nahuel Huapi Lake which makes this destination even more attractive. Villa la Angostura is with no doubt one of the perfect Argentine destinations for relaxation. Even if you travel with children, this destination will be great for you. Read on to find out more about it.

Villa la Angostura as a tourist destination

One of the major reasons to visit Villa la Angostura is its picturesque setting. The village is nested in the Quetrihué Peninsula. Surrounded by gorgeous mountains, lakes, ancient forests and rivers, Villa la Angostura offers the harmony and quietness of a typical mountain village. This makes it an ideal destination for families. Besides, the village is famous for its wooden buildings, resembling to Alpine wooden towns. There are numerous shops of all kind here where you can buy great souvenirs.

Villa la Angostura, on the shores of the lake cgraphics2020/Flickr

Villa la Angostura, on the shores of the lake ©cgraphics2020/Flickr

How to get there

Villa la Angostura is easily accessible. You can opt for numerous ways to get to the village. If you arrive by car, you have to reach Bariloche first. From Bariloche you go about 20 km north, after which you’ll find the route that leads to the village. You’ll have to drive about 70 km on a paved road which offers excellent views over the region and the Nahuel Huapi Lake. Besides, there are also bus services taking you to the village from Bariloche for instance.

Villa la Angostura, wooden building Los viajes del Cangrejo/Flickr

Villa la Angostura, wooden building ©Los viajes del Cangrejo/Flickr


As for the accommodation, there is a large variety of hotels, hostels, apartments and cabins to choose of. From budget hostels to luxurious 5-star hotels, you will find every type of accommodation here. Which one to choose only depends on you and your budget. Most of the hotels offer excellent services and facilities, making your stay a memorable experience.

Villa la Angostura hotel birasuegi/Flickr

Villa la Angostura hotel ©birasuegi/Flickr


As the village is an important tourist destination, it is obvious that it is home to innumerable restaurants and eateries. You will find here restaurants of all kind, serving traditional Argentine food, Italian food, Mediterranean food and so on. From restaurants to steak houses, from ice cream shops to fast food restaurants, from tea rooms to beer shops and from pastry shops to pubs, Villa la Angostura offers a large variety of eateries.




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