Top 10 Must Do Activities in Mendoza



Situated in the western region of Cuyo in Argentina, on the Eastern side of the Andes, Mendoza is the capital of the province of Mendoza, also known as the center of the wine industry. Being a true hot-spot in Argentina, in the following let’s compile a list with the top 10 must do activities in Mendoza, that you should try during your vacation in the land of wineries. So get ready to have fun!

1 Take part in wine tours

Being home for more than thousand of wineries, a wine tour is a must do activity in the fascinating setting of the Mendoza’s vineyards. These tours help you learn a bit more about the recipes and techniques of wine-making and you are challenged to taste the best wines of the region. Visiting some of the wineries in Mendoza is simply a must.

2 Hiking, trekking, climbing and paragliding

All of the activities mentioned above are available at the highest summit in America at Anconcagua. Al of the tourists who wants to challenge the Alta Montana ranges, this region is a must see landscape, framed with a fascinating national park.

3 Enjoy the Grape Harvest Festival

Grape Harvest Festival


It is the region’s largest festival, held in March. The Grape Harvest Festival is the  greatest festivals in Argentina, focusing on the celebration of wine and wine-making industry. Firework display, dance performances are waiting for you during the festivity.

4 Walk through the Historical Center of the city

A walk through the center of the city would be an ideal choice for those who are interested the city’s amazing cultural and historical heritage, as the city hosts a number of museums and cultural centers that presents the city’s abundant culture.

5 Relax in the San Martin Park

There are lots of things to keep you busy in the park such as the Greek Theater, The Rose Garden, Zoo, amphitheater, large lake and the great camping spots are just some of them.

6  Visit Plaza Espana

The Plaza Espana is famous for its beautiful colored tiles and is considered to be one of the city’s most restful spot to visit in the neighborhoods of enchanting gardens and fountains. At the weekends there is the charming Artisan’s Fair, offering beautiful and decorative local handicrafts.

7 Discover Punte del Inca

Punte del Inca

©En Las Americas/flickr

Crowds of people visit every year Puente del Inca –The Bridge of the Inca , to discover what Incan people has been left in South America. Known to be a natural arch, it forms a bridge over the river surrounded  by hot springs.

8 Try Mendoza river rafting

Head down the Mendoza River and experience one of the best rafting in Argentina. There are various rafting trips all year around, so get ready for the adrenaline filled rafting experience, that you will never forget.

9 Biking

Taking a bike trip around Mendoza is an unforgettable way to get around and reveal the enchanting landscape of the region. Slow rides around the mountains or through the vineyards are all  great ways for spending a lovely day in a beautiful natural setting.

10 Paragliding

If you are the one who has an adventurous soul, you can try one of the paragliding tours offered by the travel companies and it is sure  that it remains one of the most memorable experience during your holiday.

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