Top 3 Ski Centers in Argentina


Being a true ski lovers’ paradise, Argentina is the country, where and when the snow comes; skiing becomes irresistible due to the high quality ski resorts, that satisfies all of the visitors demands. Take a look at our top 3 ski centers in Argentina and let yourself to enjoy the wonderful landscape, the adventurous slopes and spacious valleys covered with good quality snows. So get ready your ski package and experience a unique winter holiday in the second largest country in South America.

Cerro Catedral-Cathedral Hill

It turned to be the most popular winter ski resort in Bariloche. Its reputation is internationally recognized for its complex facilities regarding to its services and quality equipments. The ski resort is situated on the west side of Cathedrall Hill, its altitude is around 2400 m with a spectacular panoramic view of the surrounding peaks and regions. The nearest village is Villa Cathedral mountain village, providing everything that a skier might wish for: accommodations, restaurants, stores, bars and Internet facilities. The best time for skiing is from June to October. There are plenty of ways to reach the area of Bariloche: by car from Buenos Aires, by bus-with various bus companies, by plane and by train as well.

Chapelco Hill (Cerro Chapelco) Ski Center

It is famous for having the highest elevations of the Chapelco Chain with 2,441 m. Being situated in the Neuquén province at the Andes Mountain Ranges, with varied topographic features like grass covered hillsides and easy slopes, it is a perfect spot for winter sports. Good quality snow with lots of slopes and the Chapelco Ski Center appeal to be the best spot where families and friends can spend their vacations. There is a Equipment Rentals building at the base of the mountain providing equipments for skiing, snowboarding etc. Plenty of events take place in the area. The nearest city is San Martin.

Las Leñas

Las Leñas Skifield


Las Leñas turned to be the most modern ski resort in Argentina; easily reached by car, plane or bus. The ski resort is a paradise for extreme ski lovers, for beginners and expert skiers as well, hosting the longest ski trails in Argentina. In addition there are 2000 m illuminated trails, so skiers can enjoy the slopes at nights as well. If there is not enough amount of snow due to the weather conditions, Las Leñas ski center has a modern snow making system in order that visitors will find what they came in search of.

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