Top 3 summer destinations in Argentina

Las Grutas alevyfotos/Flickr

Las Grutas ©alevyfotos/Flickr

Argentina is an astonishing country, being one of the top tourist destinations in South America. The country is home to innumerable beautiful cities, visitor attractions, natural jewels and others. From mountains to lakes, from national parks to waterfalls, from cultural sights to beaches, Argentina has it all. Whatever you prefer, you will surely find some attractions to suit your preferences. In some of the previous guides I have already presented you numerous sights of the country, ranging from the Iguazu Waterfalls to the Los Glaciares National Park or Ushuaia and Bariloche. Below I will present you the top 3 summer destinations in Argentina. Read on to find out which are these.

Mar del Plata

A top summer destination of Argentina is Mar del Plata. The city is located on the Atlantic coast, far from the capital city (about 400 km away). It is an important seaside resort of the country, being also the biggest of its kind. The fantastic resort town of Mar del Plata welcomes millions of tourists yearly.

The ocean and the gorgeous beaches are very attractive for tourists. Thus, the city is very well developed in terms of tourism: there are numerous restaurants, fantastic hotels, casinos, bars, shops, theatres and others here. During peak season the beaches get very crowded and innumerable tourists visit the city. Besides the beach, Mar del Plata includes numerous visitor attractions, including Juan Carlos Castagnino Municipal Museum, the Sea lion Monument, Punta Mogotes Lighthouse and so on. If you would like to spend a great beach vacation in Argentina, I suggest you to choose Mar del Plata!

Mar del Plata Ricardo Calderón Magaña/Flickr

Mar del Plata ©Ricardo Calderón Magaña/Flickr


With no doubt one of the best summer destinations of Argentina is Pinamar. Pinamar is famous for its gorgeous beaches and lush pine forests. It is also situated on the Atlantic coast just like Mar del Plata, but it is not crowded during summer season. If the tourist crowds bother you, I suggest you to choose this resort town instead of Mar del Plata.

The city houses numerous gorgeous resorts dedicated for those looking for luxurious holiday. There are also several seafood and grill restaurants, good nightclubs and a shopping centre. The fantastic dunes and forests of Pinamar can be very attractive for visitors who can practice horseback riding, walking and cycling.

Pinamar delasco/Flickr

Pinamar ©delasco/Flickr

Las Grutas

Last, but not least attractive is Las Grutas. The resort is a popular summer destination of the country. Las Grutas can be found in Río Negro Province, in Patagonia, being a beach resort dedicated to a different kind of crowd. There are no luxury hotels or restaurants here. It is more like a natural environment, dedicated for adventure travelers.

Las Grutas alevyfotos/Flickr

Las Grutas ©alevyfotos/Flickr

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